Monday, January 30, 2012

1oz Gold Coins: Perth Mint Series 1 vs Series 2

It was interesting to note some recent completed sales on eBay. The 1 ounce Gold coins from (Perth Mint) Series 1 (S1) aren't all that common so when the 1998 1oz Gold Tiger sold for such a low price ($1888.88 plus post) and the 2001 Snake didn't sell at all, I was pretty shocked:

The 1998 1 ounce Gold Tiger didn't even get to the mintage limit... you can view the full list of Perth Mint S1 Gold Lunar mintages on this page, only 16,907 coins of the maximum 30,000 mintage were sold. In my opinion the 1998 Gold Tiger is one of the design highlights of the series, it certainly looks better than the S1 1998 Silver Tiger and the more recent Series 2 (S2) 2010 Gold and Silver Lunar Tiger coins. Both the 2000 Gold Lunar Dragon and the 2001 Gold Lunar Snake were minted to the full 30,000 limit. The 2000 Dragon usually commands a premium, so the higher sales price is expected.

What was surprising is that recent eBay sales of the 2012 1oz Gold Lunar Dragon surpassed the Tiger and Snake S1 Gold coins (they have been selling regularly for $1900-2000 from my observation):

The one ounce Gold coin isn't at a very accessible price point for most collectors (especially if intending on collecting the full set), so it prohibits a large premium developing (or at least that has been the case so far), but it was interesting to see the recent coin outperforming coins that are 10+ years older and in some cases had a lower mintage. In my opinion this is an anomaly and the older coins will regain the higher price at some point down the track. In my opinion the 2012 Gold Dragon simply doesn't have the charm of the 2000 Dragon design to retain the higher level of pricing.

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