Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anda Coin Show: 2oz Lunar Dragon (1,000 coins)

I posted two weeks ago about the Perth Mint ANDA Coin Show special releases. This coin is a standard 2oz coloured Lunar coin, however comes with limited edition packaging exclusive for the ANDA Coin Show in Perth (only city which gets an exclusive Lunar release). Only 1,000 coins are released and previous versions of the coin have been very popular, selling out quickly.

I asked the Perth Mint whether any would be released on the retail website or whether they would be reserved for sale at the show only and received the following response from Stephen Ward:
"We are expecting a small allocation to be made available on our retail website at the beginning of the working day on Tuesday 6 March following the ANDA Perth Coin Show."
If you're in Perth and can make the show (Saturday and Sunday, 3rd and 4th of March, Click For Details) I would highly recommend you pick yourself up one of these coins as I can almost guarantee they are going to have a huge premium within a couple of days of the show.

And for those who can't make the show make sure you've got the Perth Mint Website loaded and your F5 key primed to refresh that page and pick yourself one of the few that make the website on Tuesday March 6th.

This could very well be one of the hottest Lunar Dragon releases yet given the low mintage and exclusivity of sale to Perth coin show attendants for a majority of the coins.

Good luck getting your hands on one!

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Is it true that the PM will issue a different coloured dragon at all 4 ANDA-coin-shows this year?
(heart something like this)

It would be best posing this question directly on one of the Perth Mint blogs (as I'm not certain):


They have only released one Lunar variation in the past for ANDA shows, but the Privy Dragon has shown that Perth Mint seems to have no boundaries when it comes to screwing every last buck out of the Lunar series so would not be surprised if they were to announce more Lunar ANDA Show Coins.

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