Friday, February 3, 2012

Dragon Themes Continue - New Perth Mint Releases

While not exclusively Lunar coins the Perth Mint has released 3 new Dragon designs this morning on their website. These coins following on from the extensive number of new Lunar types that they've already released over the past several months following the strong hype and demand for the Dragon series coins.

The first coin (pictured below) is the special Lunar Dragon coin created for the Berlin Coin Show/World Money Fair. It's a 1oz bullion coin with a 5,000 coin maximum mintage.

Perth Mint 1oz Silver Lunar Berlin Show Water Dragon 2012
The second coin (pictured below) is a 1oz Silver Welsh Dragon and the first in a series of 5 (5,000 maximum coin mintage). This coin has been produced by Perth Mint for Coin Club Australia. If a series becomes popular enough the first coin in a series can sometimes become more highly sought after driving the price higher. After only being available for 5 hours on the Perth Mint website this coin is already showing 'unavailable', but more may be added to the site later in the day.

Perth Mint 1oz Silver Dragons of Legend Red Welsh Dragon
The third Dragon coin they've released on their website this morning is the UK Quarter Sovereign (10,744 maximum mintage). There have only been a couple of sovereign designs in the past which have varied from the standard with 2012 being one of the exception years (I find it quite an attractive coin).

UK Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign 2012
How will these coins perform? It's hard to say with any certainty, I think we are probably reaching a saturation point as far as Lunar Dragon releases go, at some point surely collectors and speculators will say enough is enough (so don't think that the Berlin Show Water Dragon will perform as well as previous 2012 Lunar Dragon releases). The Welsh Dragon has potential, but the demand for the coin might vary over the years depending on the quality of the final 4 Dragon designs to be released. I am quite partial to the 2012 Sovereign design, but might keep an eye out for an opportunity to purchase this or the full sovereign at a lower premium.


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