Friday, February 10, 2012

Dragons of Legend - Coin Club Series

I posted a week ago about the 'Dragons of Legend - 2012 Red Welsh Dragon 1oz Silver Proof Coin' which was released on February 3rd (and currently unavailable online at the Perth Mint following some strong demand). While technically not a Lunar Dragon release, the Dragon theme from the current Lunar year was likely inspiration for this series. Just thought I would point out that a sharp eye on Silver Stackers caught a sneak preview of some of the designs yet to come, such as the St George and the Dragon coin:

Dragons of Legend St George and the Dragon Silver 1oz Coin
And the Three Headed Dragon coin:

Dragons of Legend Three Headed Dragon Silver 1oz Coin
You can see the video that these were snapped from below:

Thanks goes out to a reader (from Texas, USA) who tipped me off that there is a preview of the entire series on the display box that can be purchased to house the set:
It looks like the other two designs will be a European Green Dragon and a Sea Serpent/Dragon.

Keep an eye out for these new releases in the not too distant future.

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