Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Perth Mint 2012 Silver Lunar Dragon Privy Mark Issue

2012 Perth Mint Silver Lunar Dragon Lion Privy 1oz Coin
A Silver Stackers contributor from Germany pointed out that an image (pictured above) and some information about the forthcoming 2012 Lunar Dragon - Privy Mark Issue is now available on The coin looks like the standard 1oz design with a small Lion Privy stamped onto the front of the coin.

As I mentioned in a post a week ago, this coin along with the High Relief Dragon are new additions to the Perth Mint Lunar Series lineup.

Translated the text on the product page reads:
Lunar II "Year of the Dragon" 2012 Silver 1 Oz "Privy Mark"

Manufacturer: Perth Mint
Denomination: 1 Australian dollar
Metal: Silver
Fineness: 999/1000
Weight: 31.1 grams 1 Oz
Degree: 45.10 x 2.6 mm
Circulation: 200,000 pieces

The original coin comes encapsulated.

This coin was minted by the Perth Mint in the highest quality stamping, the Lunar Series 2 of the Perth Mint is one of the world's most popular silver coins.
200,000 mintage? Let's hope that's a typo (perhaps it's only 20,000) as such a large mintage for a coin so similar in design to the standard 1oz Silver coin (300,000 mintage) has the potential to damage the value of the standard release for collectors and investors.

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Its a scam no other words the germans are taking the piss out off us first they sell the original dragon silver 1 oz for 55 60 65 euro now they print there own version and sell for 34 euro
the perth mint is a loser on this one there word means nothing.
500.000 dragons(only silver 1 oz ) like the kookas nothing special
they fucked up the lunar market 4 ever

On initial release most European dealers actually had the 1oz bullion Dragon priced at 75 Euro, but this pulled back a little over time. I imagine those who bought at such prices would be fuming at the pricing and number minted of this new Privy Mark release.

I agree with your sentiments that their integrity has to be questioned after a move like this. I will be concentrating on the Series 1 Lunar coins for most numismatic purchases going forward as agree they have really stuffed up Series 2 with all these extra releases.

Anyone know why the site referenced in this article (
is selling 5 and 10 oz colored lunar dragons?

The 5 and 10 ounce coloured coins are a standard issue in the Perth Mint Lunar lineup. I believe Perth Mint has indicated in the past that many of the coloured coins are sold through German distributors/retailers.

I just bought a 1 kg red bullion dragon and 5 x1/2 oz (silber corner hope there s no privy coming

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