Thursday, February 2, 2012

Unique Perth Mint Series 1 Lunar Coin Sets

With the recent release of the popular 2012 Lunar Dragon the Perth Mint has expanded their range of “special” sets and coin types to represent the Lunar design. However, back in Series 1 there were only a few deviations from the standard sets (standard sets such as the 3 coin and 5 coin proof sets). 

In the numismatic releases there were only 5 non standard sets (from my observation of the Gold and Silver mintage lists), in some cases they were housed in sets with non lunar coins:

1oz Silver Millennium Coin Set
Which contained the following coins: 1oz Millennium Coin, 1oz Kookaburra Coin, 1oz Dragon Coin, Royal Australian Mint’s 1oz Kangaroo Coin.

2000 Australian Lunar Proof Gold and Silver Set
Which contained the following coins: 1oz Gold Dragon Coin and a 1/2oz Silver Dragon Coin.

Golden Dragons East meets West
Which contained the following coins: 1/4oz Gold Proof Dragon Coin and a 1900 Gold Sovereign.

Australia's 21st Century Silver Four-coin Set
Which contained the following coins: Perth Mint Australia 2001 1oz Millennium Coin, 1oz Australian Kookaburra Proof Coin, 1oz Proof Year of the Snake Coin, Royal Australia Mint's 1oz Proof Kangaroo Coin.

Four-coin Lunar Silver Typeset (Lunar Monkey)
Which contained the following coins: Proof, bullion, gilded & coloured 1 ounce coins.

It's interesting to note that the four coin typeset became a regular addition to the Perth Mint Series 2 Lunar sets, however only the Lunar Monkey got treated with this set in Series 1.

I've just taken delivery myself of the 21st Century Silver Four-coin Set, which compliments the Silver Millennium Coin Set that I already owned. Both of these sets have low mintages, there were only 1,000 of the Millennium sets sold (sold out) and while the 21st century set had a maximum mintage of 5,000 only 942 were ever sold. Here are pictures (stock) of the sets I own:

Australia's 21st Century Silver Four-coin Set

1oz Silver Millennium Coin Set
I managed to pickup both of these sets for a great price, the Silver Millennium Coin Set (which includes the 2000 Silver Lunar Dragon BU Coin) I bought for $240 back in April 2011, which was a bargain considering the Dragon coin itself was selling for around $150+ on its own at the time. The 21st Century Silver set I bought a week ago for $253 (posted), another great buy given the 1oz 2001 Silver Lunar Snake Proof which is included and sells for $150+ (individually cased). I think these special sets are worth picking up if you can get them for a good price. As the Lunar series coins increase in popularity I suspect some of these sets will become highly sought after!

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What would be a good price to pay for the 1999 Series 1 Rabbit 3-coin Proof set in red box, number #500 on COA (2 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 0z)?

Anon, hard to give you an exact price but most of the 3 coin sets I've seen sold over the past several months have been around the $800-1000 mark. I recently sold a 3 coin set (goat) for $500. I would say a good price would be maybe $600.

Thank you. I've been looking on eBay and haven't seen any of the sets, only singles in 1/2 oz and 1 oz. I did pretty good, then, because I got the set, along with the 2000 Sydney Olympics 16 oz wood box set, for $775. Thanks again.

If that was the combined price of both sets... given there is something like $500oz worth of Silver in the Olympic set alone (at spot) you got a dead set bargain. Well done!

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