Monday, February 27, 2012

What's a Series 1 Lunar Gold 1oz Coin Worth? Part 2

2002 Perth Mint Bullion Lunar Gold 1oz Horse Coin
Last week I wrote a post about current prices for Perth Mint Series 1 Lunar Gold coins, you can read it here:

In it I noted there was an auction being held on Silver Stackers for the final 6 coin in the series, after the original auction resulted in the following prices for the first 6 coins:

1996 Mouse $1815
1997 Ox $1919
1998 Tiger $1850
1999 Rabbit $1815
2000 Dragon $2121
2001 Snake $1820

We saw a strong rise in the price of Gold during the week (around AUD$50) so chances are this will have had some bearing on prices for the final 6 Lunar coins:

2002 Horse $1890
2003 Goat $1850
2004 Monkey $1870
2005 Rooster $1815
2006 Dog $1860
2007 Pig $1870

The 6 coins achieved a total sale price of $11,155 or an average $1859 per coin, that is compared with an average $1890 per coin for the first 6. 

Even though the average price for the first coins was higher, this was mainly due to the popular Dragon and key date (Ox) dragging the average higher. The final 6 saw 5 out of 6 coins sell at $1850 or higher where as the first 6 only had 3. Remember though that if Gold spot price had remained around $50 lower the result on the second lot of coins may not have been so high.

Pictures of the final 6 Gold Lunar Coins in Series 1:

2002 Perth Mint Bullion Lunar Gold 1oz Horse Coin

2003 Perth Mint Bullion Lunar Gold 1oz Goat Coin

2004 Perth Mint Bullion Lunar Gold 1oz Monkey Coin

2005 Perth Mint Bullion Lunar Gold 1oz Rooster Coin

2006 Perth Mint Bullion Lunar Gold 1oz Dog Coin

2007 Perth Mint Bullion Lunar Gold 1oz Pig Coin

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Thanks for running this column! I had a feeling the newer Series 1 coins would not perform as well. It's too bad I didn't discover the Perth Mint sooner.

No worries Doomberg. Even with the rise in spot price the second 6 didn't outperform the first 6.

For the Silver coins it would be a different story I suspect. In Series 1 Silver they rushed out the last 3 coins in the same year (as they started it late), this resulted in a lower mintage for those coins (and subsequently higher prices)...

The Perth Mint has produced some great products.

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