Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Perth Mint High Relief Silver Dragon Released

Around a month ago on the blog I posted about the High Relief Dragon Coin that was on the way from Perth Mint. I followed up a few days later with a new post which showed the difference in stature between a standard Series 2 Lunar coin and a High Relief Kangaroo.

I was right about the measurements, Perth Mint has released the High Relief Dragon with measurements that match the High Relief Kangaroos:

Diameter: 32.60 mm
Thickness: 6.00 mm

The denomination will be the standard for 1oz Silver coins ($1). The finish will be proof.

The mintage for the High Relief Silver Dragon will be 7,500 coins placing it squarely between the recently released Berlin Coin Show Special Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver Coloured Coin which had a mintage of 5,000 and the Year of the Dragon Silver Proof Coloured Coin which had a mintage of 10,000.

The High Relief Dragon Coin is styled on the existing Lunar Dragon design, but with a much deeper imprint of the design:
I think these coins will most definitely sell out and maintain a premium, that said I wouldn't recommend paying any speculative prices on the secondary market once they are sold out at the Perth Mint and other official distributors. Many of the Dragon releases have had a nasty habit of rocketing sky high and coming down almost as quickly.


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To go a bit off-topic, had you heard of these particular releases I linked below? I was not aware that Perth was doing colored varieties this year other than the one and half ounce proofs, the ANDA coin, and the gemstone varieties. Mostly I want to know if this is going to be another bullion release like the privy mark coin, or something coming on the website later:

The colourised coins are a regular addition to the Perth Mint Lunar lineup, e.g. check the mintages here for Mouse/Ox/Tiger/Rabbit:

There are two "non standard" releases still coming (at least, maybe more), the 10 coin coloured set, which I covered here:

And the 5oz Proof coin which I covered here:

I am not aware of any other bullion priced coins that are to be released, but who knows, a few weeks ago we didn't even know about the Privy!

Thanks very much for all your help, Baron. Your site is the best source of information on these coins that I have found so far.

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