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Perth Mint 2012 Year of the Dragon Ten-Coin Set

UPDATE: The Perth Mint 2012 Year of the Dragon Ten Coin Set can now be purchased online (until sold out) from the Perth Mint Online Store <<CLICK HERE>>

Pictures have surfaced of the new Perth Mint "2012 Year of the Dragon Ten-Coin Set" which is coming to Australia next month. As previously mentioned the set will contain the 9 coloured coins as was produced in the Chinese versions and also include a 1oz Silver bullion/specimen round also.

2012 Year of the Dragon Ten-Coin Set

And here are photos of each of the coins included in the set (pictures courtesy of who have a great list of reference images here):



There was a question left after one of my recent posts:
"I was under the impression that you are buying pretty much all of the lunar dragon releases. Is that because you are speculating that they will all be winners?"
To which I responded:
"The High Relief Dragon is actually the first Perth Mint 2012 'modern numismatic' dragon which I've purchased so far.

In my opinion a Dragon coin set which will perform poorly is the forthcoming 2012 Year of the Dragon Ten-Coin Set. Although I may blog about some of these coins (some I do so just out of interest or to keep those reading up to date with releases), it's by no means an endorsement for every coin released."
I think the coloured Silver Dragons make a nice looking set, however I think there are a few reasons this won't perform as well as other modern numismatics released by Perth Mint.

Firstly there there are now several versions of the coloured coin set. For example we had the original release of the 9 coin set for the Chinese market (with a mintage of 20,000):

2012 Year of the Dragon Nine-Coin Set (Chinese Version)
There is also a Chinese 10 Coin Set released which has a 1/4oz Gold coin as the centerpiece (with a mintage of 5,000):

2012 Year of the Dragon Ten-Coin Set (Chinese Version)

And now we have the Ten Coin Set released for the Australian market (pictured at top of post) with a mintage of 2,500.

So the sets do not feel as exclusive as the High Relief Dragon or standard Proof Coin for example.

Furthermore the Australian 10 Coin Set will have a price tag of $990. While this is less than I've seen the 9 Coin Set sell for last year (when they saw a bubble peak price of well over $1500 at one point), it is still relatively expensive for a single set of coins. 

It is much easier for a single 1oz coin to double or triple in value if highly sought after than it is for a more expensive set to do the same. The lower price point of single coins expands the number of buyers with the funds to purchase and hence there is potential for increased liquidity and demand.

I do think there will definitely be modern numismatic coins which perform poorly into the future, including some of the Dragon coins. One thing to keep in mind is that the price of the individual coins or sets could stay above their release price but still be considered to perform poorly if spot price increases significantly. For example if Silver rises to $60 per ounce and this 10 Coin Set is only selling for $1100 (still a 10% increase on issue price) then you would have been much better off putting your cash into low premium Silver instead of this set.

If you are interested in purchasing the 10 Coin Set then keep an eye on the Perth Mint website from 12.01am (AWST) on April 3rd.


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Hey Baron 20.000 and 5000 and 2500 together isnt a lot of coloured dragons compared to the normal bullions
the chinese presentation is so much better then these ugly plastic boxes of the minth
its nice to own a set even when its not the profit bomb like u predict
i think its going to be a wanted set wait ...till the dragon mania is faded away then the new kids on the block are going to love them just like the lunar 1 series

Hey Lab, given that there is 9 coins in each set that is a total of 247,500 coloured coins without taking into account the standard range of red coloured coins or proof coloured coins... that is a lot of extra Dragons.

I agree with you on the box, the Chinese design was far superior.

The good thing about series 1 was the limited range of types that they produced, there was bullion, proof, gilded and standard coloured... this time they've added a special 9 coloured set, a proof coloured coin, a rectangle set, a typeset, a special ANDA Show coin, a special German Show coin, a high relief coin, etc, etc. I think they have over done it. I think in 10 years time there will definitely be winners and losers from the Dragon release. But we'll have to wait and see.

For those who collect the coins for their visual appeal then I wouldn't discourage buying this set if you have the money, but personally as someone looking to buy coins for profit I see better potential elsewhere.

PM Ten coins Dargon set sell in Kitco HK

USD$ 920....

Thanks for the heads up honson, that's quite a discount on the RRP!

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