Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Perth Mint 2012 High Relief Coins: Roo, Lunar & Kook

HIGH RELIEF KOOKABURRA now available from the Perth Mint [CLICK HERE]

I received my Silver Lunar Dragon High Relief 1oz Proof Coin today in the post from Perth Mint and I'm very impressed with the coin, here is a photo:

Silver Lunar Dragon High Relief 1oz Silver Proof Coin
The deeper strike results in a stunning finish. It reminds me of the deeper design seen in the Series 1 Lunar coins which had a smaller diameter than the bullion Series 2 coins. I wish they'd kept the smaller diameter and stronger looking design as the shallower animal strike on the Series 2 coins makes them a lot more difficult to photograph.

It was interesting to hear that there are 2 more High Relief coins on the way from the Perth Mint very soon:

2012 1oz Silver Kookaburra High Relief Proof Coin (10,000 coin mintage)
2012 1oz Silver Kangaroo High Relief Proof Coin (20,000 coin mintage)

The designs won't vary from the current format and will simply mimic the designs of the bullion Gold Kangaroo and Silver Kookaburra:

The Kookaburra is to be released in May and the Kangaroo in July (corrected 23/03 thanks to Perth Mint Coin Collectors Blog). The mintage of 10,000 was information supplied by Gold Pelican on Silver Stackers and the 20,000 mintage for the Kangaroo is an assumption based on the mintage of the 2010 and 2011 High Relief Kangaroos which were also minted to this number.

The above two releases will follow the 10 coin set on April 3rd:

2012 Year of the Dragon Ten-Coin Set (previously blogged about here)

There aren't many coins that I see myself collecting, generally speaking I am in the Lunar market as a speculator more so (see this earlier post for the differences), but can see myself adding each of the new High Relief coins to my personal collection for viewing pleasure!

Perth Mint Silver High Relief Lunar Dragon and Kangaroo 1oz Coins
If you haven't already seen it the Perth Mint released a promotional video for the High Relief Dragon as well which is worth a watch:

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Hey BB, interesting to hear that you are primarily a speculator. I had made the assumption you were a collector. I was under the impression that you are buying pretty much all of the lunar dragon releases. Is that because you are speculating that they will all be winners? (or am I wrong in my assumption?).

I found this writeup interesting because I am primarily a speculator as well. Typically, I have a hard time buying coins for high premiums to spot just for 'collector enjoyment'. I generally buy only the releases that I think offer profits as a speculator. That said, I do like looking at many of my speculative purchases so it's fun that I'm able to enjoy owning purchases while I'm holding on to them and waiting for price appreciation.

The only exceptions to this for me so far have been collecting the high relief releases. I anticipate collecting the kangaroo series and I will probably get the kook too. I'm also probably going to collect the kangaroo at sunset silver proofs because the design is really beautiful. I'm buying the high relief and sunsets as a collector, but I still think those may have speculative value too.

In short, all of my purchases have some element of both speculating and collecting. I refuse to pay a lot over spot for a coin just because I like the design if I think it will only decrease in value!

Hey Nate

The High Relief Dragon is actually the first Perth Mint 2012 'modern numismatic' dragon which I've purchased so far.

I did try and buy the Coloured Proof and Gilded in bulk last year when released, however the suppliers fell through and so that has resulted in my purchase of only bullion 2012 dragons (1/2oz through to 5oz) until the high relief coin.

I did also purchase the 1oz Gilded New Zealand Dragon which I consider part of my 'collection'.

I suspect there will be Dragon coins which perform poorly relative to spot price and others which will do well. Like you I think the High Relief coins will do well and it's unlikely I would add any coins to my collection that I think will perform poorly.

In my opinion a Dragon coin set which will perform poorly is the forthcoming 2012 Year of the Dragon Ten-Coin Set. Although I may blog about some of these coins (some I do so just out of interest or to keep those reading up to date with releases), it's by no means an endorsement for every coin released :)

I agree on the 10-coin set. I don't think that will prove to be a winner. The one I'm looking forward to hearing more about is the 5 oz. silver proof. I like the 5 oz. size and would be anxious to pick that up in a proof coin which will presumably have a low mintage. Keep us posted when you hear more about that one.

Hi BB,

Thanks for posting the pic of the high-relief proof. What a fantastic piece. I can hardly wait to put my hands on it. My high relief 2011 kangaroo should be arriving with it tomorrow. I will probably buy the 2012 high relief kangaroo along with the kookabura when they become available. 2012 has really had a lot of interesting Perth products.

I'm going to agree with both you and Nate on the 10-coin set. I think it's going to suffer problems similar to the gemstone kilo coins - too much premium for too little value.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the upcoming five ounce proof dragon coin, however. I'm not really sure how that one will perform.

Hi Doomberg

The High Relief Dragon is a great looking coin, love the extra detail the deep strike provides.

The coming 5 ounce Dragon proof is a hard one to call without more information on mintage, pricing and presentation. However I think it will be a lot more difficult for these more expensive sets or coins to perform that well. For example it's much easier for a 1 ounce proof to go from $100 to $400 than it is for a 5 ounce proof to go from $500 to $2000. The lower price makes single 1 ounce coins much more accessible to a greater number of buyers allowing for a larger appreciation in price.

Hi BB, I agree that the high relief coins are stunning. Wonder if they will do a high relief snake next year. And btw, do you know where can I get a empty high relief coin capsule?

Hey Huge, High Relief Snake is already planned, check out this earlier post which confirms:


Not sure about the capsule, but if you contact Perth Mint they might be able to advise you who their supplier is.

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