Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 1oz Silver Lunar Dragon Purple ANDA Edition

I noticed via Twitter this evening (you can Follow Me on Twitter) that the Perth Mint put up a post on their Coin Collector Blog about a soon to be released Brisbane show coin, the "Australian Lunar Series II – 2012 Year Of The Dragon 1oz Silver Coloured (Purple) Edition"

Perth Mint 2012 1oz Silver Lunar Dragon Purple Edition Brisbane ANDA Show Coin
Here are some coin specifications:
  • Specimen quality 99.9% pure silver coloured coin
  • Australian legal tender
  • Extremely limited edition – 5,000
  • Brisbane ANDA Coin Show packaging
  • Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Venue: Brisbane Table Tennis Centre, 86 Green Terrace Downey Park, Windsor. Dates: 26th and 27th May 2012.

Perth Mint 2012 1oz Silver Lunar Dragon Purple Edition Brisbane ANDA Show Coin and Box
It appears to be the same purple coloured coin that is in the Chinese 9 Coin Silver Lunar Dragon Set and Australian 10 Coin Silver Lunar Dragon Set.

Prior to this release it is my understanding that Perth Mint have only ever released a special Lunar series ANDA coin for the Perth Show and not other cities (see my earlier post here for information on previous Perth ANDA Show releases). Should we expect even more colours as the ANDA show is held in Melbourne (July) and Sydney (August)? I have posed the question to Perth Mint, but sources suggest that a 1oz coin in different colours will be produced for these shows also (resulting in 4 ANDA Coins being released this year, a 2oz coin for Perth and 1oz coins for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney).

You can read about the previously released Perth ANDA Show Dragon in this post. After irate customers hounded them at the Perth ANDA Show the Perth Mint they felt obliged to sell them all on the weekend rather than allocating a small portion for online sales as they had earlier advised would occur.

I feel that Perth Mint is probably trying to reach out to collectors with this offering in an attempt to mend relations after many missed out on the Perth ANDA Show edition, however I could see this release potentially doing the opposite as the Perth Mint even further dilutes the rarity of the dragons with yet another 5,000 dragon coins in the wild (I'd imagine the mintage has been increased to ensure there will be some available for online sales at the Perth Mint Online Store). 

Is the Perth Mint doing the right thing by adding another Dragon to the lineup for those who missed out on the Perth coin or is the market saturated with too many Dragons already? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Hallo Baron The 2 oz and 1 oz anda shows are much more expensive(in europe) i received my 2 oz bullion red dragons and they are the same like the 2oz anda only without box and number offcourse but they only cost 75 euro a piece at the same time the anda is being sold for 220 euros 145 euro difference for a box and number no thx
so if they gave the people who missed out like u sayed... are being favored by the new anda releases well i dont think so
maybe a handfull of anda show visitors saluti

You raise a good point LAB. The standard coloured 2oz Dragon is the same coin as the 2oz Perth ANDA Show coin, so all you are getting is the box and certificate and it costs a lot extra for them. However you can't purchase the 1oz purple coin separately... you can only get it individually in this release or in one of the larger sets.

Personally as I pointed out in a recent post the bullion Lunar coins (such as the 2 and 5 ounce coins) will probably appreciate more than these numismatics, but it's still fun to guess which of the modern numismatic releases will perform best.

who manufactured those certs n boxes?

can we buy them direct additional 5000 sets as well? :O

sg_pall, nice idea for a workaround :), but I don't like the chances of the packaging/certificate manufacturer allowing this workaround. They would probably lose their contract with the Mint!

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