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5oz Proof Silver Dragon: June & High Relief Kook: May

A couple of months ago I pointed out that a 5oz Silver Lunar Dragon Proof coin would be on the way this year (see this earlier post):
The design for the 2012 Australian Lunar Year of the Dragon (5oz) Silver Proof Coin features a stylised representation of a dragon. The coin includes the inscriptions ‘Year of the Dragon’ along with the Pinyin pictograph pronounced ‘lóng’ and meaning ‘dragon’.
Details are starting to filter in and we can expect a 5th of June release for this coin:

The Year of the Dragon 5oz Silver Proof Coin can now be purchased from the Perth Mint, Click Here.

Australian Lunar Series II 2012 Year of the Dragon 5oz Silver Proof Coin
Mintage of 5000 Coins
Retail price $495

I think it's safe to assume that the design and finish won't vary from the standard 1oz Proof Silver Lunar Dragon which can be seen below:

Perth Mint 1oz Silver Lunar Proof Dragon Coin
I will be honest, I think like the 10 Coin Lunar Dragon Set the 5oz Silver Proof Coin is simply priced too high to expect gains that will exceed the bullion versions of the coin (such as the 1/2oz, 2oz and 5oz which are currently available at Bullion Money) in the case that physical Silver was to double. If Silver heads to $60oz the 5oz bullion Dragon will be priced at roughly $370, but I can't see the 5oz Proof Coin easily doubling to $1000 in this situation. As I pointed out in this recent blog post, the numismatics in general have not outperformed the bullion coins and I don't expect this 5oz Proof Coin will prove different.

I also previously mentioned that the Perth Mint would be releasing a 2012 High Relief Kookaburra Coin and we can expect that tomorrow along with a bunch of others...

2012 Perth Mint Gold Proof Australian Sovereign
Australia Koala 2012 5oz Silver Proof Coin
Australia Koala 2012 1oz Gilded Edition
Australia Kookaburra 2012 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin
Marilyn Monroe™ 2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Ships That Changed The World - Cutty Sark 2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Dragons of Legend – Chinese Dragon 2012 1oz Silver Proof Coin
Young Collectors – 2012 Animal Athletes Monarch Butterfly $1 Coin

The above coins will be released on the Perth Mint website at 12.01am (AWST) on May 1st. I won't be purchasing any myself on release, however as a fan of the High Relief coins I will be hoping to pickup one of the High Relief Kookaburras at under issue price at a later date (fingers crossed).

Here are some pictures of the High Relief Kookaburra (which will have a mintage of 10,000 coins):

Perth Mint 1oz Silver High Relief Proof Kookaburra 2012

Perth Mint 1oz Silver High Relief Proof Kookaburra 2012 Box

Tomorrow morning once released the above pictures will link to the product page for the coin (Edit: Link now available to Perth Mint High Relief Kookaburra), in the meantime they link to the Perth Mint Recent Releases page which is the one you will want to be watching once they are available on the Perth Mint website.


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hallo baron
the 3 coins setdragon proof doubled easy in money so why this one would be different as far as the 5oz standard dragon its only 155 euro now same as the 5 oz 2012 libertad for example the price s for the dragon bullion dropped 20 % in europe nice artikel thx for u info saluti Lab

LAB, That is true (and a good point) that the 3 coin Silver proof set has doubled in value from release price, but it's a very limited mintage (1000 sets vs 5000 5oz Proof coins) and it also has the advantage of being a set which has been available since the start of Series 2 whereas the 5oz Proof is a new coin... we will have to wait and see how popular the 5oz proof coin is, I may be wrong and it's a star performer, but I think more likely the bullion coins will outperform it as spot price rises. Just my opinion :)

Hi BB,

There's a persistent rumor going around that the retail website will not ship any kookaburras to the US and that orders will be restricted. I wasn't aware of this when I ordered and am now worried about my whole order being cancelled, since it also contains the second Dragons of Legend coin which has sold out.

Have you heard anything about this?

Hey Doomberg, I did notice the notice on the HR Kook site: "Customers in the USA and Canada can purchase this coin at Paradise Mint" and the dealers site says "We are the exclusive dealer for the 2012 High Relief Kookaburra in all of North America".

Best to just email the mint and find out. I've had single items cancelled out of my order before and the rest completed. It's rubbish though if they aren't letting customers order the HR Kook from their website though... keep me in the loop on how you get on!


I appreciate your help and will contact them, thanks. Additionally on the Perth retail website's front page, the rotating picture says "excludes sales to US."

Also, I read your latest post on silver hoarding and thought it was excellent, I hadn't really been considering what silver hoarding would do to prices.

hmm so it does, a pretty poor communication effort on the Perth Mint's half if those ambiguous messages are supposed to inform US customers.

Thanks for the feedback on the article :)

Hi Baron,

Perth hasn't yet responded to my email. However, they did respond to another WMNB reader and are saying that all US orders for the kookaburra which slipped through the net will be honored.

Aditionally, someone else in that thread reported that US users are now unable to order the kookaburra from the website and receive error messages when trying to do so.

Woops, your comment got trapped in the spam box Doomberg :)

Glad to hear it turned out ok, but disappointing for US collectors if you now have to go through an exclusive dealer in the future for some coins...

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