Monday, April 2, 2012

Are you looking to sell a unique Lunar set or coin?

Perth Mint Series 1 Silver Lunar Coin Collection
To provide more photo content for readers of Silver Lunar I have decided to allow (free) advertising (via blog posts) for private collectors who have a unique Lunar coin, set or collection that you would like to sell.

By unique I mean the mintage should be low and it should be a difficult to find item or set. Some examples of what I would post:

- Perth Mint Series 1, Silver Proof 3 or 5 Coin Sets
- Perth Mint Series 1, Full Lunar Collection (e.g. 1oz/2oz)
- Perth Mint Series 1, Full Gilded Lunar Collection
- A full set of any Chinese Lunar coins
- Other global Lunar coin sets or rarely seen coins

What I won't post:

- Perth Mint Series 1/2, singular or bulk bullion coins
- Perth Mint Series 2, recent numismatics releases even if sold out

The above are just examples, basically I am interested in posting sales listings and photos of rare and collectible Lunar coins, so if you are selling or even if you just have a rare collection at home and would like to see your pictures posted on Silver Lunar then drop me a message via the Contact Page.

What you will need to provide in exchange for the post:

- Detailed/crisp photos of your sale item
- Contact details I can pass onto interested buyers
- Price and description where relevant

The first post of this kind will go up later today.


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