Monday, April 2, 2012

Perth Mint 10 KILO Gold & Silver Lunar Dragon Coins

The Perth Mint has just released a short video showing the 10 Kilo Gold and Silver Lunar Dragon Coins in production. Beautiful coins if you've got that sort of money to throw around (I don't!).

Here are some screenshots from the video, the first showing the 10 Kilo Gold Lunar Dragon Coin before finishing and then after:

10 Kilo Gold Coin (Perth Mint Gold Lunar Dragon)
And then this image of the 10 Kilo Silver Lunar Dragon Coin (finished):

10 Kilo Silver Coin (Perth Mint Silver Lunar Dragon)

You can watch the video where they press the coin here:

And here is another video from last year showing the 10 Kilo Silver Lunar Rabbit:


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I always loved dragons!
Beautiful coins. I find the 10 kg version is also good for weight lifting!

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