Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake Coin Pictures Leaked

It appears that we have a case of 'ask and you shall receive'. 

Earlier today I posted about the forthcoming release of the Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake Coins:
Some might remember that the design for the Perth Mint 2012 Lunar Dragon was in fact leaked a couple of months before the release date and official unveiling, so keep your eyes peeled.  
Although the description for the 2013 Silver Lunar Snake reads like it could be a repeat of the 2001 Gold Lunar Snake (snake entwined on a branch, see picture below), I have it on good authority that they've gone with a completely new design for the silver coin this year.
A short time ago an anonymous poster linked some pictures of the forthcoming coin at the bottom of the article... couldn't have asked for more than that!

The images show what appears to be the proof versions of the coin (shiny background, matte design), but the same images will be replicated for the bullion design (Series 2 has kept the image used between proof and bullion coins consistent where some in Series 1 differed between the two types).

Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake Gold 1oz Coin Proof Front
Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake Gold 1oz Coin Proof Back
Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake Silver 1oz Coin Proof Front
Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake Silver 1oz Coin Proof Back
[At request of Perth Mint the images were removed until official release, but are now out of their embargo period]

I really like the new designs. They have a modern artistic look with some Chinese influence.

The snakes in Series 1 were perhaps a more realistic representation of the reptile, but I am not a fan of the 2001 Silver Lunar design (snake with eggs).

Just a reminder that Perth Mint won't be releasing the bullion coin until September 3rd this year, so it will be sometime before you are able to purchase them. However, at least the images above will give you advance time to think about whether you want to purchase some. I have no doubt that I will end up buying a roll or three.

When released the Perth Mint 2013 Lunar Snake coins are likely to be highly sought after for the reasons I outlined in June last year (for the Lunar Dragon release), they:

- Have a low mintage
- Sport an aesthetically pleasing design
- Are housed in individual capsules
- Have a quality finish
- Are produced by world renowned Perth Mint
- Come with legal tender status
- Priced as bullion coins on release

I don't know that they will be quite as popular as the Dragons, but I won't rule anything out as I believe the number of retail investors looking to buy popular, well recognised series and brands over more readily available low premium Silver bars will increase as the bull market in Silver progresses to the public interest phase.


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Thanks for the pics BB.

Movements hardly graceful, very "robotic." Bodies full of punch holes and collage.

In comparison with S1's snakes, I'd put the 2013 gold snake down right at the bottom of the four. 2013 silver is not bad actually.

I agree the Gold coin doesn't do that much for me either, I much prefer the Silver design. Once in hand the design can sometimes look better though, I remember a few disliking the 2012 Gold Dragon design that changed tunes once they saw a real photo or had in hand.

I would rate the Perth Mint snake coins (in order of personal design preference):

1. 2013 Silver
2. 2001 Gold
3. 2013 Gold
4. 2001 Silver

Thanks a lot for the pictures, BB. I'm definitely looking forward to putting my hands on some of these! Hopefully silver prices will remain low until they're released.

I agree with the assessments that the silver coin design is better than the gold. I like that one quite a bit.

I will agree with that assessment. The silver, at least on screen,
looks better. And I agree it has an artistic touch to it. It
will be interesting to see the major variants. Any idea when the
type set and esp. 3 piece silver proof sets will be releasing?

Louis, no official release dates for the numismatic variants are available (as far as I'm aware), but for the Dragon release the proof coins came out less than a week after the bullion release and the 4 coin typeset came out around a month after bullion release, so possible we see a similar schedule this time around.

Thanks for the info. and quick reply, BB. We will stay tuned to your excellent site for more, and let's hope Perth's ordering system continues to work better, as it has recently. Downies is also an option if necessary.

No problems.

I also hope that Perth Mint have improved their system in time for launch. They have moved to late night numismatic releases which does spread distribution of visitors, although not sure it will help when the really popular releases hit the site.

Other dealers are definitely an option. One thing to be wary of regarding Downies is they've had an increasing number of customers who have placed an order successfully on the site, but are later told their order can't be filled, see:


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