Thursday, September 27, 2012

2013 Lunar Snake (Perth Mint): Typeset, High Relief, Coloured, Gilded + More

The next round of Lunar Snake coins to be released by Perth Mint will be available early next week (see the Forthcoming Releases page):

I sent through some questions to the Perth Mint for clarification given changes that were made to the Series 2 lineup for the Dragon release last year... questions asked were:
Will the "2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Coloured Edition" be a proof coloured release (like the dragon) or a boxed specimen version like the previous Series 2 coloured releases?
Is the "2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Typeset" going to only include the usual 4 coins (gilded/coloured/proof/bullion) or will it also include the high relief coin (making it a 5 coin set)? Also will the coloured coin in the Typeset be the same as the coloured coin released on same day (e.g. coloured proof or specimen coin)?
These were good questions prompted by Captain Overkill who also writes about Lunar coins on his blog Doomberg (check it out!).

Stephen Ward from Perth Mint responded promptly with the below:

  • The individual 2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Coloured Edition is a proof quality coin.
  • The 2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Typeset comprises the four traditional coins - gilded/coloured/proof/bullion.
  • The coloured coin in Typeset is specimen (ie frosted table).
The questions were relevant as there were some changes to these coins last year for the Dragon release (compared with previous Series 2 releases). For example the coloured proof coin was a new addition for the Dragon lineup, where previously the coloured coin sold in presentation packaging was only a specimen coin.

I think the potential for these coins in the short term is fairly limited. While the High Relief Dragon when released did shoot up briefly on secondary markets it quickly died back down. I will probably order one of the High Relief Snakes for my personal collection, as I've written before these coins are some of the few that I "collect" (see this post).

As I pointed out in this post earlier in the year, the bullion coins have outperformed the numismatic releases over the long term and I don't expect that to stop as the spot price of Gold and Silver continues to rise.

Besides the High Relief Snake the only standout is probably the typeset, which have tended to perform well given their low release numbers (1,500 sets). I suspect this might be the only release in this lineup that might be difficult to source directly from the Perth Mint, so may be worth jumping onto their site quickly for that one next week.

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Hi BB,

Thanks for the kind words!

I managed to get my hands on a typeset on the first go-round before the doors slammed shut. The initial stock sold out in only 23 minutes, almost as fast as the three coin set. High relief is also doing pretty well.

I also noticed that they didn't do a half ounce colored proof this year, or else they're saving it for later on.

Will you be picking up a typeset for yourself as well?

Won't be picking up a typeset for myself. I will stick with the high relief only. Infact I also sold the 3 coin set I bought from the Mint on release day. Apart from those I add to the collection (high relief) I am mainly just looking to add lower premium coins/bars to the stack at the moment.

Good question about the 1/2oz coloured proof, not sure if we'll see it. Maybe they'll wait to see how well the 1oz coloured proof sells first.

DId you see the lineup for November? Of particular interest is the "Australian Lunar Series II - 2012 Year of the Dragon 1oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin" and the "Australian Lunar Series II - 2oz Silver Proof Twelve-Coin Collection."

If we assume this collection comes with every two ounce proof minted, the cost for it will probably be something like $900-$1000. I suspect there will some complaining about this degrading the value of the three coin proof sets.

The high relief gold proof sounds very interesting to me, but I have no chance of affording it.

Yes noticed these, can't say I think the high relief dragon will sell that well (probably like the proof dragon it will retail around the $3k mark), although sure it will look stunning!

The 2oz collection will come with first 6 coins with room for the final 6 to 2019, more info coming in a blog post shortly.

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