Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2013 Lunar Snake Coins from New Zealand Mint

See my coverage of New Zealand Mint's 2012 Lunar Dragon releases in this post:

Details of the New Zealand Mint's 2013 Lunar Snake lineup have started to surface with the below images, specifications and mintage numbers now available (click images below to enlarge):

2013 Year of the Snake Lucky Oval 1oz Silver Coin from New Zealand Mint (Mintage: 8,000)
2013 Year of the Snake 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin from New Zealand Mint (Mintage: 8,000)
2013 Year of the Snake Kilo Silver Proof Coin from New Zealand Mint (Mintage: 300)
It's not likely that any of these coins will make my list of purchases, but if they release a Gilded Lunar Snake then I will probably grab one to go with my Dragon from last year.

The New Zealand Mint's presentation of recent releases has been impeccable. Great designs, well presented promotional materials and original/unique packaging all add what are some great looking coins. Perth Mint better watch their back!

There's a reputable member on Silver Stackers (malachii) taking expressions of interest for these coins where you can lock in a low price. Take a look at the thread here if you are interested -> Link

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You're correct on the presentation. The NZM is rapidly proving itself to be a world class mint. The unique packaging in particular is very nice. I picked up their Titanic commemorative last year and thought the clever packaging was one of the best parts of the product.

As for the snake coins themselves, the oval coin looks fantastic! I'll pass this one around to my group tomorrow and see if any of them are interested. Thanks for the heads-up, Baron.

By the way, I noticed that a bunch more New Zealand coins were advertised in that Silver Stackers thread you linked. The Star Wars and Transformer coins got a laugh out of me.

Definitely some novelty coins in the coming lineup. NZM did some earlier Star Wars Coin Sets, guess they must have sold pretty well...

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