Friday, September 7, 2012

Lucky COA #888 Lunar Snake Proof Coin for Auction

How's this for a lucky score... Silver Stacker's member 'ashleyd123' bought some 1oz Proof Lunar Snakes from the Perth Mint on release day and managed to pickup the coin with COA #888. A very lucky number in Chinese culture and should be worth a fair amount more than a standard proof coin.

The coin has been placed for sale on eBay where current bid is already over $500 (Official issue price was $107). Click here to view the auction. Currently the auction has just over 4 days left to run.

The results of the auction should be a good test of current interest in Perth Mint Lunar series coins

When the 2012 Lunar Dragon 1oz Proof sold out last year they were selling for upwards of $400 without a unique COA #. Perhaps a lucky bid of $888 will win you this unique coin?!

Perth Mint 2013 Silver Lunar Snake 1oz Proof Coin COA #888

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Seems like it didn't go quite as high as $888, but $535 is still a very respectable number.

Apparently the buyer (for $535) has pulled out and second bidder (via second chance offer) doesn't want to take it due to suspicion the price was bid up by the seller, so seller is holding onto it for now. Unfortunate and there is little repercussions for the buyer who pulled out...

Does anyone know if the #44 is considered to be lucky or not?

The number 4 is unlucky in Chinese culture, only thing worse than 44 might have been 444 ;)

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