Thursday, September 6, 2012

PAMP 2013 Lunar Snake Gold & Silver Bars

Last year PAMP started their Lunar Calendar Series CertiPAMP packaged bars, I covered the release of the Dragon bars on Bullion Baron:

They have now released a 2013 Lunar Snake Series in both Gold and Silver. The bars are already available to purchase from site sponsor Bullion Money (click here to purchase).

Here are some pictures:

PAMP 2013 Lunar Snake Gold Bar (Click to buy)
PAMP - The Lunar Calendar Series. 2013 Year of the Snake (Click to enlarge)
PAMP 2013 Lunar Snake Silver Bar (Click to buy)

It's a great looking design!

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lovely design really nice gold bar, found some in the uk from

No more of these 1oz Gold PAMP Snake bars available.

Wow, just gorgeous. Now, who would say that the industry of gold bullion bars is no longer in demand? They are just getting pumped up. Gold bars are made to be invested out of its age, its value comes from its history. Ideas about it can be read from this post:

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