Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Australian Lunar Series II - 2oz Silver Proof Twelve-Coin Collection (Perth Mint)

Today the Perth Mint released a variety of Lunar Snake Coins, as I previously mentioned on the blog:

This included the Australian Lunar Series II 2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Coloured Edition (pictured below):
Australian Lunar Series II 2013 Year of the Snake 1oz Silver Coloured Edition
As I mentioned the standout purchase in today's release was the Typeset:
Besides the High Relief Snake the only standout is probably the typeset, which have tended to perform well given their low release numbers (1,500 sets). I suspect this might be the only release in this lineup that might be difficult to source directly from the Perth Mint, so may be worth jumping onto their site quickly for that one next week.
As I suspected it sold out quickly, Captain Overkill posting on his blog 'Doomberg' that it sold out in less than half an hour after release:
The rush to acquire the dragon typeset, combined with the speed of the sellout of the 2013 Year of the Snake three coin proof set made it highly likely that the snake typeset would face a similar quick sellout. Sure enough, the set sold out 23 minutes after going on sale, only lasting for eight minutes longer than the three-coin set! As with the three coin set, some people reported they were unable to enter the queue quickly enough, and could not buy before the coins sold out. Doomberg
While I didn't grab this set for myself, I think the Typeset collection is one of the few numismatic releases which will perform well due to the low number of sets released.

The forthcoming releases page was updated on Perth Mint's website during the day unveiling an interesting range of new Lunar coins which will be released:

A couple of interesting coins stand out for next months release...

A 2012 Gold Proof High Relief Coin is an interesting addition. It will be the first High Relief Gold Lunar Coin from Perth Mint, although they have released a High Relief Gold Koala. I suspect this will be one beautiful coin, but likely priced near $3000 retail it will be out of the price range for most collectors (even though as a premium over spot it is relatively cheap compared with Silver equivalent). The 1oz Gold Proof Dragon had a RRP of $3100 from Perth Mint, but shortly after release secondary dealers were offloading them for around $2300-2400. I suspect we might see similar for the High Relief Gold Dragon (heavy discounting shortly after release).

The other interesting release in the lineup is the Lunar Twelve Coin Collection... I emailed Perth Mint in regards to this set and was provided the following information:

A maximum of 1,000 sets will be issued with just 100 available in Australia via Perth Mint wholesale and retail.

Initially, purchasers will receive six standard 2oz proof coins (dated 2008 – 2013) in a presentation case and six Certs.

The case has room for the final six 2oz proof coins, to be issued between 2014 and 2019.

This is likely to disappoint some collectors who have purchased the 3 coin set thinking it would be the only way to purchase the 2oz Proof Lunar Coins (Series 2 releases, Series 1 had the 2oz Proof Coins sold individually, see the mintage sheet here), but the addition of the 12 Coin 2oz Lunar Set will effectively double the mintage of that particular coin (1,000 in the 3 Coin Set, 1,000 in the 12 Coin Set) and this move confirms  that Perth Mint may choose to mint additional Series 2 numismatic coins in various sets to workaround existing mintages.

For absolute certainty when buying numismatic Lunar coins you are best off sticking with Series 1 coins which can definitely no longer be reminted.

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Hi BB,

Nice post, and thanks for the link. I appreciate you going to the trouble of clearing up the exact contents of twelve coin collection.

I was thinking about this second round of colored proofs that they're going to release next month today. At first I thought they were going to try the "multi-color" route again, only this time with proof coins. But then I remembered something from last year which I don't think got a lot of press: http://www.perthmint.com.au/catalogue/australian-lunar-series-ii-2012-year-of-the-dragon-1-kilo-silver-proof-coloured-coin.aspx

I don't really expect this variety to perform any better than the regular snake kilo proof (assuming I'm right about what is being released).

Perhaps they'll release the half ounce colored proof as well.

Thanks. I was certainly interested to see what it was.

I agree with you, I don't think the coloured proofs in other sizes will perform that well.

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