Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fake/Counterfeit Silver Lunar Coins on eBay, BEWARE! (Perth Mint Replicas)

Some time ago I wrote about fake Silver Lunar Dragon coins which had been discovered:

Tonight I bring you a new warning. This time the victim (coin being copied) is 1oz Perth Mint Coloured Lunar Coins (both Series 1 and 2).

I was browsing eBay for the first time in awhile and stumbled across some fake Lunar coins being sold. Apologies if this is old news, but I haven't seen it reported anywhere:

Those I found are being sold by coingift, my recommendation would be to avoid any coins this seller has available. This seller previously went by the name xuemei828 and there are old examples of this eBay user selling plated/fake coins including Pandas (see this blog).

In this particular case the auctions clearly state that the coins are "Silver Plated" and weigh only 24 grams (without the ring) when they are marked 1oz, so this information alone should be enough to warn potential buyers, however there is nothing to stop someone purchasing these and then trying to sell them as the real coin, so be wary.

With these particular fake coins there are some obvious tell tale signs:

- No year on the coin (should be on front of Series 1 coin or back of Series 2 coin)
- Colouring and detail not as fine/sharp as on original coins
- Rear of coin on Series 1 coins differs a lot to the replicas
- In some cases the animal graphic doesn't even resemble that of the original designs

There are also other tell tale signs specific to individual coins (e.g. they've used the picture from the Series 2 Year of the Mouse/Rat Coin with the Series 1 decorative border). Some of the coins don't even exist (e.g. there is no coloured Series 1 1oz Tiger). Ultimately anyone taking care when making a purchase should be able to spot these fakes, however it's possible that there are better fakes out there.

Here are further pictures of the fake Lunar coins (Click to enlarge):



Take care when purchasing Lunar coins, especially when doing so from eBay!


I think I have purchased a fake coin? It is still in transit from an Ebay seller, so I am not fully certain as yet. If I posted a link to this item, would someone be able to know if they think it is suspect as well? I just want to make sure so I can notify Ebay of a Fraud seller.

Hi Ian, I would recommend posting a photo on Silver Stackers to get an opinion once you have received it:

Or if you email me a photo of the coin using contact form on this page then I can give you my opinion also.

Thank you very much. Should have it mid week 14-11-2912

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