Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Perth Mint Lunar Snake 5oz Silver Proof Coin & 1oz Silver Coloured Berlin Show Coin

The Perth Mint will be releasing the following coins on their website tonight (From 12.01AM 1st February 2013 AWST):

The lineup includes several Lunar Snake releases. The Gold Proof High Relief Coin is likely to be stunning (but likely cost prohibitive, with little chance of short term value increase). The Berlin Show 1oz Lunar Snake might do ok, the Dragon version of the same performed relatively well immediately following release, but has since dropped back to around release price (on ebay). The 2013 5oz Proof Snake will be one to avoid IMO if expecting any short term gain in value. The 2012 5oz Proof Dragon was a coin I didn't expect to perform well and voiced this opinion on the blog just before it was released:
I will be honest, I think like the 10 Coin Lunar Dragon Set the 5oz Silver Proof Coin is simply priced too high to expect gains that will exceed the bullion versions of the coin (such as the1/2oz, 2oz and 5oz which are currently available at Bullion Money) in the case that physical Silver was to double. If Silver heads to $60oz the 5oz bullion Dragon will be priced at roughly $370, but I can't see the 5oz Proof Coin easily doubling to $1000 in this situation. As I pointed out in this recent blog post, the numismatics in general have not outperformed the bullion coins and I don't expect this 5oz Proof Coin will prove different. From this post on Silver Lunar.
The Dragon is still available from the Perth Mint website. It hasn't yet sold out through official channels, so no premium could be expected. I doubt the 5oz Proof Snake will perform any better, however coin collectors are maybe still interested to purchase and the coin should come with free worldwide shipping as Perth Mint has free worldwide shipping on orders over $400.

You can click this link to head to the Forthcoming releases page which lists the lineup being released tonight or click this link for the Latest Releases page where the coins will be listed once available on the website.


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