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2013 1 oz Silver Australian Stock Horse Coin from Perth Mint

2013 1 oz Silver Australian Stock Horse Coin from Perth Mint
No it's not the new 2014 Lunar Horse coin from Perth Mint, but it's a nice front runner given the coins subject matter. According to the Perth Mint blog the Stock Horse coin is 
"Planned for release in August and will mark the first coin in a new annual series".
Other sources state:
"Yes, it is the first in a series of horses (annual). Yes, it only has 10,000. Yes, it has COA. And yes I bought a roll of 20! From what I understand, one wholesaler (Germany) has the exclusive rights to the series. 10,000 minted. 6000 gone already, 1000 to Australia, leaving 3,000 to snatch up."
Although it seems slated for an August launch on the Perth Mint website, with a majority of the coins being shipped overseas there are already Eurpopean dealers offering them for preorder and selling them on ebay. It seems Australians are best to go international with their purchase on this occasion if they want to guarantee being able to purchase the coin.

The coin comes at the cheaper price point of circa $50, much improvement over the usual $100 price tag of numismatic releases from Perth Mint although on this occasion it appears to be sold without the case (certificate only):

2013 1 oz Silver Australian Stock Horse

Originated from the colonial stock which arrived with the First Fleet in 1788, the Australian Stock Horse is bred to endure the harsh conditions of the countyr´s vast outback.

Renowned for its calm temperament, agility,  strength and endurance, the Australian Stock Horse  has evolved to become both a reliable working, and fine performance, breed. Considered extremely versatile , this variety of horse is often chosen for general riding , stock work on pastoral land and equestrian competitions.

The coin´s reverse portrays an Australian Stock Horse proudly rearing up onto its hind legs in a paddock on a rule property. The design  includes the inscription, THE AUSTRALIAN STOCK HORSE, the 2013-year-date, the metal, the weight and fineness and the Perth Mint´s "P" mintmark, design by Ing Ing John. The Ian Rank-Broadley likeness of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the monetary denomination are shown on the obverse.

The Perth Mint has issued a strict mintage cap for these Silver coins, which means no more will be minted. Get yours while they are available! All Silver Stock Horse coins come in a plastic capsule with numbered certificate.

Mintage: only 10,000


Thanks for the info. I saw this coin yesterday and the only thing I could find was that it was the "first of a new series." I wasn't sure I wanted to collect a new series unless it was something I was interested in. You mentioning that it is possibly a new series of horse coins was the info I was looking for. And yes, I did find it for $58 from Germany, but APMEX is selling them for 79.99 a piece. Ordered two from Germany. Looks like a nice coin. Thanks again for the info.

Yes, to best of my knowledge it is a series of horse coins, see this post on Silver Stackers where a dealer had queried with the wholesaler who has commissioned the series:

I agree APMEX price is steep, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the value rise to around $80 once sold out at other locations. Thanks for the comment.

Yes, thanks for the new link. Now that it seems pretty sure this is a series on horses, I'm all in! Might get a couple more at $58.00 since even with the shipping costs from Germany (to the US) it still costs less than APMEX.
Thanks again!

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