Thursday, June 27, 2013

Australian Stock Horse 2013 1oz Silver Coin - Perth Mint Carded Edition

You can now purchase the 2013 Australian Stock Horse 1oz Silver Coin from the Perth Mint website, they have released it in limited edition packaging for Australia which is worth considering given the high premiums assigned to some Koala and Kangaroo coins which come carded:

Buy The Australian Stock Horse 2013 1oz Silver Coin from The Perth Mint featuring:

    99.9% Pure Silver
    Stunning Reverse Artistry
    Australian Legal Tender
    Illustrated Presentation Card
    Limited Issue – 1,000

It's a bit cheeky listing this as a separate 1,000 coin issue, given that it forms part of the 10,000 coin mintage, but this carded variety could end up achieving a healthy premium to the non carded coins in my opinion. At $59 this is the first modern numismatic coin from Perth Mint that I am considering buying a few of in quite some time! There are only 370 available on the Perth Mint site presently, I don't expect them to last more than 24-48 hours.


These sold out the day after issue.

A popular coin and a good theme (Aussie horses) to run a series on.

The cards are a bit of a bonus, but I would have bought the coin with coa anyway if that's what had been released here like overseas.

I agree, a good theme, well timed starting near Year of the Horse as well.

I think the carded variety will achieve a premium, but only time will tell!

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