Monday, June 17, 2013

Tokelau 2014 Lunar Horse 1oz Silver Coin (Year of the Horse)

2014 Tokelau 1 Oz Silver Year of the Horse Coin ($5 Face Value)
Possibly the first 2014 Lunar Horse coin to be revealed is the 2014 Tokelau 1 Oz Silver Year of the Horse Coin. Pictured above, the coin was minted by New Zealand Mint on behalf of Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand.

Modern Coin Mart is taking preorders and has the following description on their website:
Just released! ModernCoinMart has the exclusive United States distribution rights to this new release commemorating the 2014 Lunar Year of the Horse! This is the second in a series of 1oz. Silver Lunar Bullion coins issued by Tokelau and has a low mintage of only 50,000 coins! Each non-graded coin will ship in the original mint capsule as issued (even for larger orders).

We will be carrying the coins in NGC as well as PCGS holders as well as singles, lots, and sealed boxes of ungraded coins!
This is the second Lunar coin in this series, with the 2013 Lunar Snake also available from Modern Coin Mart.


Nice coin. I'm tempted. But, I am so dying to see the Perth Mint Lunar horse and wonder if I should be saving my money for them.

Just in my opinion I think you would be better saving all funds to buy bullion 1oz Perth Mint Lunar Horse coins once they are released presuming you get them for a good price (not inflated after sold out).

so these coin do not have a declared mintage?

The maximum mintage is 50,000 as per the article :)

where can I buy these coins by the roll other then MCM ?

tried to buy these coins from the mint but with no luck , must be someone else other then MCM selling these without such a premium

I have not seen any other dealers selling these by the roll 2001papasito.

There is an error in the article. These coins are issued by Treasures of Oz, not by New Zealand Mint. You can see more info on their website:

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