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Images of Perth Mint Lunar (Year of the Horse) Gold & Silver Coins Released

As mentioned in a post a few days ago, the embargo for images of the Perth Mint '2014 Australian Lunar – Year of the Horse' Series (II) Coins ends today, so without further ado here are the images (click images to enlarge):

 2014 Perth Mint Lunar Year Of The Horse Silver & Gold Bullion Coins

I'm interested in your opinions, so post what you think of the coin designs in the comment section below the post. In my opinion the design for the Gold coin is the best so far in Series II (of all the coins) and the Silver coin looks fantastic also, here is a photo of the 1 ounce Silver coin in the flesh:

2014 Perth Mint Lunar Year Of The Horse Silver Coin Photo
The bullion lunar coins can be purchased from Bullion Money (available now), the proof coins once available will be listed on the Perth Mint Website.

Here are the key (Perth Mint lunar coin) release dates again:

22nd August
Image embargo ends (hence this post showing off the designs)

2nd September
2014 Australian Lunar – Year of the Horse Gold Bullion Coin Series
2014 Australian Lunar – Year of the Horse Silver Bullion Coin Series (1/2oz, 1oz & 2oz)

3rd September
Australian Lunar Series II 2014 Year of the Horse Gold and Silver Proof Coins

1st October
2014 Australian Lunar – Year of the Horse Silver Bullion Coin Series (5oz, 10oz & 1 kilo)

Covering key dates & list of proof coins we will likely see released by Perth Mint on September 3rd.

Covering a multi coloured square lunar coin set we can expect to see from Perth Mint. 

2014 Year of the Horse Coins (Lunar Series) from Perth Mint (Gold/Silver)
The first coverage of the Perth Mint coins including description pulled from comlaw documents.

An article for American Hard Assets which outlines my preference for the Perth Mint 1oz bullion Silver Lunar coin as favoured purchase above all other lunar releases.

If you are interested in receiving free updates to your inbox with information about lunar coin releases then I  strongly recommend you signup for free Silver Lunar email updates:


Bullion Baron.

The Perth Mint Australia


So many of the lunar horse coins released lately have not impressed me. But, leave it to the Perth Mint to impress. I love the designs on both these coins, particularly on the silver bullion coins. There are MUST haves. And with gold and silver still at fairly reasonable prices, I will be purchasing a good number of these coins. Very beautiful coins. I AM impressed.
Thanks for posting these hot-off-the-mint photos.

Bit of a hefty premium at introduction, I suppose this is to drop as they actually become available?

Kind of glad it's a round coin as usual.

Indeed, what's up with the many, MANY horse coins lately? Even from Perth?? And we're barely halfway 2013.

I agree about the premium at introduction. But, I imagine when APMEX gets them, they will have them priced more reasonably. APMEX charges a high premium for older coins, but the most recent lunar releases are usually pretty reasonable.

I wouldn't expect any premium on the mintage limited 1oz Gold & Silver Horse coins to drop, I expect they will sell out very quickly. The Snake had officially "sold out" at Perth Mint by end of October (2 months after release), although some dealers still have today for a premium, I'm expecting the horses to sell out faster than the snake though.

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks, BB. I concur on the silver design once again being superior. These will go like hotcakes esp. once American bullion dealers get them. They will look great in proof too. It will pay to shop around as dealer prices vary a great deal.

I really consider silver vastly underpriced right now. I do not mind paying $35-$45 dollars for a beautiful coin like the lunar horse. So, while I guess the premium seems like a lot compared to spot, I still think these coins are worth it. Just my opinion. A .9999 silver coin with a beautiful horse on it - heck I'm not going to quibble over a few bucks :-).

Hello, Baron!

As always, thanks for the excellent pictures. The designs for both are absolutely outstanding and I think I agree this is probably one of the best gold coins in the series, if not THE best.

Unfortunately, I am not so sure this piece will receive the sales it deserves. We're now two years out from the Year of the Dragon, and while the Year of the Snake coins had an initial "shot in the arm" last year coming off "dragon-mania," I am not really expecting brisk sales for this design. Despite this, I will probably still buy at least the silver proof set in addition to the usual silver one ounce bullion coin.

Thx for the mail Baron lovely update i ordered 10 pieces of the 1 ounce for 25,60 euro so far.
my price can rise and fall a side with the silver prices
thought i try something new speculation buying
Beautiful coin i think it will be a winner
1 also wait for the macau horse baron
keep us informed Ciao

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