Monday, August 12, 2013

More 2014 Lunar Horse Coins Out Of Europe

To add to the existing 2014 Lunar Horse Coin releases I have been following comes these releases available from European dealers...

Horse Five Elements Lunar Year 1 Oz Silver Coin $2 Tokelau 2014

Horse Five Elements Lunar Year 1 Oz Silver Coin 2$ Tokelau 2014
This particular oval coin celebrates the Year of the Horse. Minted from one ounce of .999 fine silver, total mintage worldwide was limited to 2014 pieces. Comes with a beautiful presentation case and a Certificate of Authenticity. Available from Power Coin

France - 10 Euro silver coin PROOF, Year of the Horse, 2014

France - 10 Euro silver coin PROOF, Year of the Horse, 2014

 France - 50 Euro gold coin PROOF, Year of the Horse, 2014

 France - 50 Euro gold coin PROOF, Year of the Horse, 2014

The description for the above two coins reads as follows: The Horse is the 7th animal in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. People born in the Year of the Horse are said to be libertarian, creative, emancipated, intelligent, generous and loyal to their friends. The obverse of the coin depicts a Horse within a decorative frieze as well as the Chinese ideogram for the Year of the Horse.

The maximum mintage on the two coins from France is not clear, but if following the lead of some of the previous releases from Monnaie de Paris then we can expect the Silver coin may have a maximum mintage of 10,000 and the Gold coin a maximum mintage of 1000. You can see some of the previous releases listed on Talisman Coins.

You can catch some of my previous 2014 Lunar Horse Coin coverage below:

The Perth Mint Australia


The Tokelau is beautifull but 100 euro ex shipment thats a 500% premium maybe just one to keep thx

Yes not cheap, I am looking to stick with bullion lunar releases this year while Silver spot price is so low.

Of all horse coins & horse coin images (including soon to be released Perth)that I've seen so far - I still like the "Australian Stock Horse" the best!

Might be interesting to do a poll (once Perth coin image is available for public release).

The stock horse is a great design. I prefer the Gold Perth Mint lunar design to the stock horse or silver design, but everyone will have their own preference. I know the PAMP design is due to be released late August as well... A voting poll is a great idea, will try and remember to put one up in around a month once most designs are available to choose between.

I like the 5 elements coin and you can not compare it a bullion piece. Any ideas where else to get it besides Power Coin? I could not find any on e-Bay though perhaps after the release.

All depends on personal preference really. I prefer the look of bullion/matte coins to shiny proof, but of course the presentation of proof coins in special holders/box needs to be considered. Have not seen the 5 elements coins for sale elsewhere, I presume that Power Coin commissioned the coin, so a possibility that other dealers don't have access to sell it.

Thanks, BB. I did not realize Power Coin commissioned it. I think as long as one buys with the understanding the coin is a work of art, not an investment, coins such as this one can be very worthwhile if they provide enjoyment to the owner.

It is not commissioned by powercoin its for sale by other dealers also also 20% cheaper .

Thanks for letting me know. I had only assumed, where is it cheaper so readers know where to look? :)

ebay germany just google tokelau 2014

The 5 oz, Niue $8 Year of the Horse coin is fabulous, but at a mintage of only 500, chances of finding one are slim.

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