Thursday, September 5, 2013

2014 Macau Lunar Horse Gold & Silver Proof Coins with Colour

One of the last 2014 Lunar Horse Coin releases I have been anticipating showed up online today. The 2014 Macau Horse Gold & Silver Proof Coins are now available to order from Singapore Mint.

A great set of coins visually. The 5oz Silver coin is being sold by ballot and has seen a large increase in the number minted relative to last year given the high demand. The mintage on the 1oz Silver and 1/4oz Gold coins has also been bumped up (but not nearly to the extent of the 5oz). All have increased substantially in price from last year even though we've seen a drop in the spot price of Silver.

The description provided for the design reads as follows:
In conjunction with the 2014 Lunar Horse year, the Monetary Authority of Macau issues the Macau Horse coin which is the seventh in the Macau Lunar coin collection (2008- 2019), exclusively minted and marketed by The Singapore Mint.

The magnificent horse is illustrated in an awe-inspiring pose on the obverse side of the coin: rearing on its hind legs, seemingly at the brink of take-off. This burst of vigor and forward-looking spirit hints at the beginning of many good things to come, in your career or life.

The horse is accompanied by a cascade of alluring camellia flowers in full bloom. They come in many vibrant colours and just like the horse’s unyielding resilience, these flowers flourish even in cold weathers; upholding brilliance no matter the circumstance.

The coin’s reverse side embodies the carvings of the Guia Fortress – in commemoration of Macau’s maritime, military and missionary past. The fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also a popular tourist attraction of Macau.
Here are some further details for the three coins available:

2014 Macau Horse 5oz 999 Fine Silver Proof Coin with colour

Mintage: 2000 (up from 500 last year)
Issue Date: October 31st, 2013
Retail Price: S$950 (AUD$815), increase from S$780 last year

Macau Horse 1oz 999 Fine Silver Proof Coin with colour

Mintage: 8000 (up from 6000 last year)
Issue Date: October 31st, 2013
Retail Price: S$158.00 (AUD$135), increase from S$138 last year

2014 Macau Horse 1/4oz 999.9 Fine Gold Proof Coin with colour

Mintage: 5000 (up from 3000 last year)
Issue Date: October 31st, 2013
Retail Price: S$970 (AUD$830), increase from S$860 last year

A reader of the blog 'LAB' provided these photos some time ago showing some of the Macau Lunar Series Coins in the flesh:

The increase in mintage and cost is rather opportunistic of the mint, hopefully it does not turn off buyers. See the website of the Singapore Mint for further details.
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Thanks great article the 5oz now 2000 mintage wauw thats a difference 500 or 2000 what the heck and the price is up also
but again a beautifull coin iam buying one 5 oz to complete the collection the 1 oz is orange also very nice
Amazing coin cant wait to see it in the flesh ciao Lab

It is a big jump in price! The increase to the mintage may lead to higher values of the older coins as those who buy the new coin try and complete the set...

These are some of the most expensive silver coins! These Macau 1 oz and 5 oz coins are being sold for a lot more than Perth Mint's 1 kg Kookaburras (roughly 32 oz per coin).
Very beautiful coins, but for the pockets of the wealthy collectors.

Great post! Been reading a lot about different aspects of the silver market recently. Thanks for the info!

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