Monday, September 2, 2013

2014 Proof Lunar Horse Coins from Perth Mint

As previously discussed in this post on Perth Mint Lunar Coin release dates, there are a couple of important dates that have crept up on us. Today (Monday 2nd September) sees the official release of the 2014 Australian Lunar – Year of the Horse Gold Bullion Coin Series at Perth Mint & given increased premiums that other dealers are charging, this might be the last opportunity for those interested to purchase the mintage limited 1oz bullion coins for a reasonable price (direct from Perth Mint Bullion). My suspicion, given observable demand for the 1oz bullion coins, is that Perth Mint will only have these available directly for a very short period of time.

Following the bullion release during the day, the Australian Lunar Series II 2014 Year of the Horse Gold and Silver Proof Coins will be available from tonight, 12.01AM 3 September (AWST). Presumably this will see the release of the standard lunar proof coin lineup (links will take you to latest releases page where coins will be found after release time, I will update with direct product links once available):

We might also see some coloured proof coins released.

The standard proof designs will be the same as the bullion coins, but with the finish reversed. The Perth Mint provided the following description of the proof vs bullion coins on their coin blog last year:
Proof Coins

The very highest quality coins produced by The Perth Mint feature a proof finish. The coin table (background) is highly-polished and mirror-like.

Traditionally, design elements are delicately frosted. However, as an alternative, we colour some or all design elements on many of our proof quality releases.

Bullion Coins

Bullion coins are made for the purpose of investing in precious metals. They are mass produced to keep the price as close to ‘spot’ as possible. As a result, the finish on many bullion coins issued worldwide is uniform with no distinctively polished or frosted areas.

The Perth Mint takes a different approach. Our bullion coins feature a frosted table and a shiny design (the opposite way round to proof issues). The quality of each strike means that our bullion coins are sometimes referred to as “reverse proofs”. Indeed, we would claim they have the best quality bullion finish in the world.
The images we can expect to see on the standard proof coins:

Point your browser to the lunar coin page (click here) or the new releases page (click here) following the release time if you want to get your hands on any of the proof releases. No doubt the Silver proof coins will be fast to sell out, but only time will tell whether they will make a good investment. No doubt however that many collectors will be scrambling to buy their favourite or complete a set regardless of what prices do once sold out.

Don't forget the Perth Mint also has free shipping on orders A$400 or higher:

FREE SHIPPING OFFER: The Perth Mint offers free shipping worldwide on any online orders over AUD $400.00 (Australian Dollars). This offer excludes any coin subscriptions, bullion orders and delivery by courier.

For more lunar coin coverage, see the below articles:

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Thanks again for the latest update. I'm really looking forward to the colored coins. I'll be looking for them. Thanks for the links.

iI would like some 2 oz proof they are he perfect size
also for the 2 oz lunar set 7 total .

It will be interesting to see how they colour the horses!

The 2oz proof should be popular as collectors seek to finish their sets, but there may be a limited number available to the public unless you already have the first 6 as the Perth Mint has an interesting in allowing collectors to complete their sets!

Just received my 2 oz Lunar Proof Coin year of the horse last week. I have the set already and got contacted by my dealer who offered me the coin. I paid only 107,- Euro incl. shipping! Nice deal

Really nice addition to my collection!

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