Monday, September 30, 2013

Perth Mint Lunar Horse Coins - Secondary Market & New Releases (Typeset Collection)

Just a quick update on the progress of my prediction:
In my opinion the Perth Mint 2014 Year of the Horse Three-Coin Set will hit a price of around $525 shortly after sold out at the Perth Mint (i.e. on the secondary market) and the 2014 Year of the Horse 1oz Silver Proof Coin I expect to see at $150-175. That's a total of $675-700 with a cost to purchase that I am expecting at or near $435 total...
Prices on the 2014 Year of the Horse 1oz Silver Proof Coin have reached levels around $120-140:

So still a little way to go if they are to hit my expected $150-175.

Likewise the 2014 Year of the Horse Three-Coin Set has some way to go to reach $525 with recent sales indicating a price level around or just below $500:

I still think there is a chance my targets will be met in the not too distant future. Unfortunately I missed out on buying both from the Perth Mint as they sold out very quickly. The 1/2oz & Kilo Silver Proof Coins are still available from the Perth Mint.

As I wrote in a recent post, there are a number of new lunar coin releases which will hit the Perth Mint website tonight:

And also (added since my original post):

I don't expect any of these will perform as well as the standard 1oz & Three Coin Set, however the Typeset Collection is usually fast to sellout (due to it's limited 1,500 set mintage) and the coloured proof 1oz coins have often proven popular on release.

Not lunar coin related, but the 'Endangered & Extinct - Green Turtle 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin' is now available on the Perth Mint website. It's a great looking coin if you ask me and some of the previous releases in this series have achieved a high premium over release price (particularly the Tasmanian Tiger!):

For more lunar coin coverage, see the below articles:

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Just saw (and purchased) the Proof Colored 1 oz. Silver Horse. Looks like a beautiful coin, and for $82.00 at Talisman Coins, I couldn't resist and bought two. I can't wait for the "plain" silver bullion colored horse. Any idea when they usually release the regular colored versions of the gold and silver (not the proof)?

The coloured bullion snakes were being advertised from January this year, so probably still a few months away for the horse if we see a similar release date.

Oh, wow. That's a long wait. Now I'm really glad I got the colored proofs. Oh, and you are right about the Green Turtle coin - that looks like a very nice coin - I ordered that one too. Maybe it's good the colored coins won't come out for a few more months - it will keep me from going into debt by buying too many of these coins at once! LOL
Oh, and thanks for the reply.

You can already find the Coloured Lunar Horse coins (not Proof) for the Chinese marked on Ebay. Very nice presentation display!

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