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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New 2014 Carded Silver 1oz Australian Stock Horse Coin Released By Perth Mint


As I pointed out on the blog recently (advised release on April 1st), the Perth Mint has released the next coin in the 'Australian Stock Horse Series'. The first coin in the series was released in 2013 and was a big hit with coin punters and collectors alike.
The standard bullion coin which was first sold by many dealers around the A$45-50 mark, before realising they had a winner on their hands and jacked up the prices, now sells for up to double that price on ebay. Likewise, the rarer carded version (only 1,000 released in that particular packaging) is also still selling around double the issue price of A$59 (circa $100-130 now on ebay). Bullion Baron
This time around the standard bullion coin has not been made available prior to the Perth Mint carded release which kept to the same formula (1,000 coins in the carded packaging & $59 price point) as I expected:
I presume they will retain the status quo for the silver version of the coin with a 9,000 coin release (just capsule & numbered COA), while keeping aside 1,000 for a carded release (which last year, as predicted, sold out within a day). They could of course change this, the series is not a Perth Mint original, it has been commissioned by a dealer, but they would be silly to mess with the winning formula after last years success in my opinion.

I will be watching for the release of this coin and if the opportunity arises I will be buying multiple, but I suspect Perth Mint will restrict sales. I'm not sure it will perform as well as the previous coin (quickly doubling in value), but I think the potential is there if the design is a winner. Bullion Baron
I'm not sure when the standard coin (which comes in capsule with numbered COA) will be made available by overseas dealers (supposedly the series has been commissioned by EMK in Germany), but until it is available we may see an even more intense scramble for the carded variety which are available directly from Perth Mint.

I was online just minutes ago as the coin went live (bought a bundle of them myself) and the 400 added to the site were sold out in around 10 minutes. See the product page below:


It's likely some more will be added to the site in the morning, so keep your eyes peeled around opening time of the Perth Mint.


I expect this coin will soon be attracting healthy premiums to issue price on secondary markets, it will be interesting to see whether prices achieved match that of the first coin which made sales at $130-150 shortly after release.

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