Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tokelau 2015 Lunar Goat 1oz Silver Coins (Year of the Goat)

Almost 1 year to the day after my post on the 'Tokelau 2014 Lunar Horse 1oz Silver Coin', images of the Tokelau 2015 Lunar Goat 1oz Silver Coins have surfaced (via AgAuNEWS). This will be the third coin in this particular series, starting two years ago with the lunar snake. The coin is soon likely to be available for pre-order through Modern Coin Mart, the 2014 lunar horse was listed last year for pre-order in June and started shipping in July.

Tokelau 2015 Lunar Goat Silver Coin
The design looks nice enough, but I worry that the soft look to their hair won't translate well on the finished product... it is one of the most difficult features of an animal to portray in the hard metal finish of a silver coin. Take for example the Perth Mint Koala Series, most of the images that the coin design is based on are fantastic on paper, but their fur can look much different on the coin itself:

2012 Perth Mint Silver Koala Coin
I will be interested to see an actual photo of the Tokelau 2015 Lunar Goat Silver Coins to see how well they pull off the hair. The coloured & gilded variants look good too.

The reverse proof finish will have a mintage of 50,000, a further 2,500 in proof, 1,000 gilded, 1,000 coloured and 2,000 in an antique finish.

It's still 8 months until the Year of the Goat begins in early 2015, but coin releases are likely to heat up well in advance of that over the new few months. I will be covering as many as I can on this site, I'd recommend hitting the link below to subscribe to email updates if lunar coin series interest you.


Bullion Baron.

The Perth Mint Australia


Thanks for the update. Nice looking coin. I'm anxious to see the Perth Mint Lunar Goat.

Yeah so am I, believe it to be the first lunar coin from Perth Mint with 3 animals in the image. Not likely to see the design surface until early September.

Is really the Lunar goat 2015 Tokelau the third serie. I mean bulion in which the Horse one was announced 300000 piecies produced. I have never found evidence about Snake issued in this quality. I have the Snake in reverse proof one.

Thanks , Ladislav

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