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2015 Macau Lunar Goat Gold & Silver Proof Coins with Colour

The Singapore Mint has released images, specifications and pricing of their 2015 Macau Lunar Goat coins on the website, available now to order (silver coins via ballot) with their release forthcoming at the end of September.

I covered last years release here '2014 Macau Lunar Horse Gold & Silver Proof Coins with Colour' which also contains photos from a reader's collection of some of the earlier coins in this popular series, they are a great looking coin.

The mintage numbers remain the same as last year (Macau Lunar Horse), but are higher than the year prior (Macau Lunar Snake).

The description provided by Singapore Mint for this years release is below:
The Monetary Authority of Macau proudly presents the Macau Lunar Coin Collection (2008 – 2019), which is exclusively minted and marketed by The Singapore Mint. The Macau Lunar Goat coin, the eighth in this collection, is issued in conjunction with the arrival of the 2015 Lunar Goat Year.

The obverse side of the coin features a well-defined silhouette outlining the fine details of the goat’s body, flanked by a fringe of brilliantly-hued rhododendron. The goat is traditionally known by the Chinese as a symbol of peace and luck. Rhododendron is one of China's top 10 traditional flowers and has the prestigious title of "Queen of Beauty" bestowed on it. The abundant petals evoke a sense of prosperity and thriving beauty with its vivid colours.

The Mount Fortress is featured on the reverse side of the coin, an important landmark of Macau’s illustrious past. One of the oldest historical structures in Macau, the Mount Fortress is part of the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As the famous saying goes: With the advent of spring begins prosperity. This saying depicts three goats welcoming spring, a symbol of great fortune and usually refers to the unveiling of new beginnings and ushering of renewed peace and serenity. Collecting all three coins from the Macau Lunar Goat series will be akin to having the legendary three goats ushering spring to the individual during the Chinese New Year.
Images of the 3 releases (all carrying the same design, but different sizes, colour or metal) are below, along with specifications for each coin:

2015 Macau Goat 1/4oz 999.9 Fine Gold Proof Coin with colour

 Mintage: 5000 pc(s)
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2014
Diameter (mm): 21.96
Weight (g): 7.78
Material: 999.9 Fine Gold (24K)
Retail Price: S$1,000 / A$860 (increase from S$970 last year)

2015 Macau Goat 1oz 999 Fine Silver Proof Coin with colour

 Mintage: 8000 pc(s)
Issue Date: 29-Sep-2014
Diameter (mm): 40.70
Weight (g): 31.10
Material: 999 Fine Silver
Retail Price: S$168 / A$145 (increase from S$158 last year)

2015 Macau Goat 5oz 999 Fine Silver Proof Coin with colour

 Mintage: 2000 pc(s)
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2014
Diameter (mm): 65.00
Weight (g): 155.52
Material: 999 Fine Silver
Retail Price: S$980 / A$844 (increase from S$950 last year)

As is indicated by the balloted sale for the silver coins, the Macau Lunar Series is likely to be a popular choice for collectors again this year. You can buy pre-order them from the Singapore Mint online store.

Tokelau 2015 Lunar Goat 1oz Silver Coins (Year of the Goat)

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