Friday, August 1, 2014

Perth Mint 2015 Lunar Goat Coin Launch Draws Near

Perth Mint 2003 Year of the Goat Lunar Silver 1oz Coin

Update (13/8) - Pictures and release date information is now available in this post:
Perth Mint 2015 Australian Lunar Year of the Goat Silver & Gold Coins Revealed

We are only 1 month away from Perth Mint launching their 2015 Year of the Goat Lunar Coins. Arguably the most sought after of all lunar releases.
Public images may only be available from the day of the launch, but if you read my post from several months ago you would be aware the description of the designs are as follows:
Perth Mint 2015 Australian Lunar – Year of the Goat Gold Coin design
"...a representation of a goat, and a landscape featuring rocky ground, grass and stylised mountains in the background."
Perth Mint 2015 Australian Lunar – Year of the Goat Silver Coin design
"...a representation of three goats, and a landscape featuring grass and leafy trees."
The Perth Mint will be releasing the new bullion lunar coins (along with other 2015 bullion series coins) on September 1st, 2014.
The numismatic coins, such as the proof series will be released the following morning, September 2nd, 2014.
For those in Perth or anyone who can make it to Perth for the release date I'd highly recommend attending the Silver Stackers exclusive launch event which includes early entry to the Perth Mint and an exclusive presentation, this year including a Gold pour. You can view the details in the thread -> Click Here (you need to register your interest in attending & provide your details and I suggest you do so ASAP if interested).
I made it to one of these events a couple of years ago (for the 2013 Lunar Snake), which you can read about here.
I think demand for these Perth Mint coins could set the sentiment for how well other 2015 lunar goat coins will sell in general this year and next. It's not the most exciting animal (compared with a dragon, snake or horse for example), but looking back at Perth Mint's Series 1 bullion coins, the 1oz silver lunar goat mintage shows it outsold the horse and snake in the years before it, though the 1oz gold lunar goat mintage did not fare as well selling only around half the maximum while the horse and snake before it sold out.

Tokelau 2015 Lunar Goat 1oz Silver Coins (Year of the Goat)

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Bullion Baron.

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I intend to order my single silver gilded goat through the local post office.

Do you think that I can order now,or do you think that I have to wait until the 1/9/14 ???

Thanks in advance.


You could check with the post office, but it probably depends on whether they know what their allocation will be (if any). I suspect you may need to wait until release. The numismatic coins are released in staggered approach, so the Gilded design might be available on September 2nd with the proof coins or it may come later.

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