Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Royal Mint 2015 Year of the Sheep Lunar Coin Range

The Royal Mint (UK), like the Royal Canadian Mint, has gone with a 'Year of the Sheep' naming convention for their lunar coins this year. Chard's says the following on the choice:
As Wales is mainly a rural country a big factor to their economy is sheep farming and with over 8.5 million sheep in wales, making up 26% of sheep within the UK, it is not surprising The Royal Mint chose the sheep over the goat.
Last year was their first coin in a new lunar series starting with the Year of the Horse.

They used the same design on both the Gold and Silver coins, keeping consistent with the first coin. It's a pretty good design, I like it. It has a decorative look to the sheep's coat, but then simple lines for the face and horns, it works quite well.

Royal Mint 2015 Year of the Sheep Gold and Silver Coins

The 1/10oz Gold coin has a mintage of 2,888, the 1oz Gold coin mintage is 888 and only 38 for the 5oz Gold coin.

The Silver coins come in 1oz, 5oz and 1oz Gilded varieties with mintage of 9,888, 1,088 and 4,888 respectively.

Chard has them available for sale on their website (Gold & Silver), presumably they will soon make their way to the website of the Royal Mint also.

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