Monday, September 1, 2014

New Zealand Mint Releases 2015 Lunar Year of the Goat Coins

New Zealand Mint has just released their line-up of Year of the Goat coins. You can view them all on this page, but images of the coins are below...
The New Zealand Mint provided the following description for their lunar range:
New Zealand Mint is releasing four beautiful Lunar coins to celebrate the Year of the Goat 2015.

The Goat is the eighth animal in the twelve year Zodiac cycle. Symbolising such character traits as creativity, intelligence, dependability, and calmness, those born during the Year of the Goat love to dream and ponder. Those born during this Lunar Year are often quiet of personality and very fond of nature.
The 3 coins with the same design are described:
This coin face features a relief engraved Goat perched on a steep rocky mountainside in rural New Zealand. Silhouetted against a dramatic sky, the grandeur of the altitude and panoramic view may be felt in the dynamic moment captured on this coin.
And the gilded design which carries a different image:
This coin face features a relief engraved Goat of a contemporary style, set against a detailed background illustrating the global community of cultures in which we live. To the left of the design, the gold gilded Chinese character for Goat is set against a proof quality background.
I'm a fan of the New Zealand Mint coins, especially some of their packaging, I just wish they would keep a consistent approach to their lunar coins. For the last 3 years (Dragon, Snake, Horse) they've gilded the animal in gold, but appears this time opted to highlight the Chinese character.
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