Monday, October 6, 2014

Gods of Olympus – Hades 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin From Perth Mint & Other New Releases

Gods of Olympus – Hades 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin
There are several lunar coins & sets being released by Perth Mint on October 7th (in around 12 hours), but perhaps the most interesting coin in the line-up this month is the 'Gods of Olympus – Hades 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin' which is pictured above.

Given the slow sales and lukewarm reception to the initial proof lunar coins released by Perth Mint last month (surprisingly the Silver Proof Three-Coin Set is still available at the time of this post), I don't think there will be a large rush for the typeset or coloured coins (though they have been popular types to collect in the past).

The big demand is likely to be for the 'Gods of Olympus – Hades 2014 2oz Silver High Relief Coin', which is the 3rd and final coin in this popular Perth Mint set. Initial reactions to the new coin design (which was leaked early) have been somewhat negative, but we saw similar with the first coin in the series and it has proven very popular. Personally I like the styling of all 3 coins in the set.

The first coin in the series (Zeus) now sells for $700 and more (on ebay) following a release price under $200. The second coin sold out just as quickly and is also selling for a hefty premium (circa $400+).

Perth Mint has reportedly contacted previous buyers of other coins in the Gods of Olympus Series before the release of Hades in order to ensure collectors who are buying the set have an opportunity to buy this one (& Downies have done similar with their allocation, now have a waiting list for any canceled orders), this along with the low mintage means that there will likely be heavy demand for the coin when it's released in a few hours. The coin will be sold out within minutes so ensure you are ready to buy the minute it is released if you intend on doing do.

Another recent release that may be worth your consideration is the 'Australian Abalone Shell 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin' which was released in September. Initially comments on coin forums were apprehensive about the design (when only the stock, computer generated designs were available), but collectors have quickly warmed to the design once they've seen the coins in the flesh. The Perth Mint tweeted a photo of the coin to me:

Australian Abalone Shell 2014 1oz Silver Proof Coin
A great looking coin if I ever saw one!

If you're looking to secure any of the Perth Mint new releases, you'll want to keep the 'Recent Releases' page refreshing at 8:00am (AWST) 7 October 2014. Good luck!

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Bullion Baron.
The Perth Mint Australia


I for one will be glad to see the back of this Gods (forsaken) series.
Nice coins. But I can do without the frustration, and will avoid such limited series-type sets in future like the plague.

Never again will I need to expereince the 5 flavours of pain dished out by that Devil's kitchen, known as the PM website order process, or the bitter aftertaste of an empty bowl after a failed 90 minute queue.


I understand the frustration Anon, especially given how many years these website issues have been ongoing.

One would think about all the profits they make and yet cannot a lazy 100k to fix this problem !!!!!! Answer all they need to do is sell enough er one tonne gold coin the profits will fix this GOOD WORK AGAIN PM THIS WHOLE SERIES HAS BEEN A SHAMBLES FROM THE START......

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