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2015 GHANA "Lunar Skulls" YEAR OF THE GOAT 1oz Silver High Relief Coin

2015 GHANA "Lunar Skulls" YEAR OF THE GOAT 1oz Silver High Relief Coin

Just a quick post to cover a unique new release lunar coin that is available to pre-order. In my opinion the original take on a lunar design is sure to be a hit.
The '2015 GHANA "Lunar Skulls" YEAR OF THE GOAT 1oz Silver High Relief Coin' is the first in a series. There is a limited mintage of only 500 PROOF coins and a still very tight mintage of 2000 for the BU version.
Details from the series owner:
"Son-Montuno is pleased to announce the first coin in our new series, "Lunar Skulls". Working closely with, US based tattoo artist Kiana Roo from and under the strict authority of the Republic of Ghana, SMmint ( brings you a new twist on the classic annual lunar theme.
Coins are expected to ship approximately in the end of December to middle of January immediately after received & hot off the press!"
Each of the coins is engraved with the serial number that is also printed on the Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies the coin. This attribute is usually reserved only for higher priced coins, such as the 'Niue 2015 $8 Lunar Goat Gold Plated 5oz Silver Proof' where the number was on the edge of the coin.
Information I've read suggests this coin was minted privately in the United States, but the face value and approval for coin status by Ghana gives this design an edge over silver rounds.
I wouldn't be surprised to see a quick sell out, they are already disappearing quickly on ebay. You can buy the proof coin HERE (US$89). You can buy the BU coin HERE (US$69). Or the BU version is also available with free international shipping via First Coin Company (apparently the coupon THANKYOU will get you an additional $2.10 off per coin).

From a thread on Silver Stackers where a member contacted the series owner:

"I have control of half the mintage, my partner has control of the other half which is mostly being sold wholesale in the European and Asian markets.  Out of my half, I have allocated 50 pieces for retail on ebay which looks like they are soon to be gone.  I might be able to allocate a few more, we will see.  I need to check my wholesale requests first.  Out of my 250 pieces of the proof coins, I only allowed my dealers to have a maximum of 10 coins each."
Disclosure: I've bought 5 of the proof variety.
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I think I've been burnt enough times to purchase anything on the strength of a nice picture. I'd like to see a real coin, preferably in someone's real hand. (Not that weird photo-shopped nonsense that FCC always do.)

Fair position. Will be interesting to see how it turns out as there's no way all the detail on the skull will be captured. It's the only thing holding me back from buying some of the BU's too (not having seen the final product)...

I wonder that which private mint ever minted this coins?

Apparently it's a German mint, not one in the United States as I initially reported.

Off the forum no more discussion what does it mean and do we get the coins
what a bummer

Early to mid Feb is new estimated shipping,

I'm sure it will be fine, just slower than expected.

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