Sunday, August 30, 2015

2016 Macau Lunar Monkey Gold & Silver Proof Coins

Thanks to reader Coins 07 for highlighting the latest Macau lunar coins have been made available for order on the Singapore Mint website (images, specifications and pricing, release is the end of October). I previously covered the Macau Goat, Horse and Snake.

The 2016 Macau Monkey's are pictured below and come in Gold (7.78g) and Silver (1oz and 5oz).

The 1oz and 5oz Proof Silver Coins are sold by ballot due to their limited mintage and high level of demand. Interesting how commonplace the inclusion of peaches has been in lunar coin designs this year.


For those interested in the Perth Mint proof releases, don't forget that the first wave of designs will be hitting the Perth Mint website early this coming week as detailed in another recent post:

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Bullion Baron.
The Perth Mint Australia


This is the best lunar monkey 2016 design by far.

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