Thursday, August 13, 2015

Perth Mint 2016 Year of the Monkey Gold & Silver Coins: Release Information & Images

Perth Mint have released images and information about the upcoming 2016 Year of the Monkey Gold & Silver Bullion Coins. Here they are (click to enlarge):

I am quite pleased with the design. I didn't buy any of the bullion release lunar goats from Perth Mint, but I will be stocking up on more than a few of these. Release date for the bullion coins is not until October as per this schedule:

However some of the proof coins will be released at the Perth Mint from September 1st. As per the 'Forthcoming Releases' schedule:

As usual some of these coins are likely to sell out fast at the Perth Mint, so if looking to complete collections check in at the time they've suggested (can change without notice):

As I have said in the past, try and avoid any dealer price gouging, particularly on the silver 1oz bullion release which is mintage limited to 300,000 coins.

A number of investors have been burned by getting caught up in the hype and overpaying. I wrote in 2013:
Although I think the 1oz bullion coin from Perth Mint is the best lunar coin to purchase (for future increase in value), I only think it's only worth buying if you pay a reasonable premium today. As it stands the standard A$10 premium on Perth Mint 1 ounce bullion coins (from the mint, there are volume breaks) is higher than many other mints and 37% premium to spot price (A$26.75). However, a lower premium circa $5-7 is usually possible given dealer discounts.

Most Perth Mint distributors have decided to increase the premium they charge customers on the 1oz mintage limited horse simply because the demand is there. In Australia thats resulted in a $11 (41%) premium ($1 over maximum Perth Mint premium direct, $4-6 over the usual premium they might charge on 1 ounce coins), with Gold Stackers being an exception.
If dealers are offering this coin in the $5-10 range over spot, I think it will offer investors a great opportunity to leverage off the popularity of the 1oz Lunar coins from the Mint, balanced with exposure to any future increase in the price of Silver.

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Bullion Baron.
The Perth Mint Australia


where are good places to buy from (USA)? Thanks.

APMEX & Gainesville tried to price gouge on the horse a couple of years back, but may be worth checking their prices on release. Otherwise keep an eye on Australian bullion dealers websites, such as Bullion Money (who are a site sponsor), Perth Bullion, Ainslie Bullion. I believe they all ship internationally, but best to check in with them.

Wow, they are releasing the new lunar coins late this year. Other years I have gotten them in late August. Wonder if it has anything to do with the low price of gold and silver - perhaps they are waiting for price to increase in the fall? Anyway, thanks again for the great updates on the lunar series.

No worries Kaynine3, I could be wrong, but in previous years they have often run short on various lunar sizes due to an initial rush (and suspended sales as a result). I suspect the delay is not about price (Perth Mint don't make their money speculating on price, they hedge their exposure), but because they are expecting large demand for the silver kangaroo and to ensure they have enough lunar coins minted by October that they won't have to suspend the sale of any coins.

Also, as to the question of where to buy your lunar coins from. There a local coin store near me (that ships orders for only $4.95) and they always charge a heck of a lot less on the lunar series coins (especially the gold coins) then APMEX does. So check out GOLDEN EAGLE COINS in Laurel, Maryland. For example: right now Golden Eagle is selling the 1 oz. gold 2015 Lunar Goat for #1204.00 --while APMEX is charging over $1400 for the exact same coin!

Thanks for the answer to the late release date. I'm just anxious to get the new monkey coin, and was also hoping to get them at the low gold / silver prices right now. Oh, well, I'll wind up buying them no matter what price they are on release.

Even though not official released until October many dealers will probably take preorders allowing you to lock in price. Perth Bullion already has them on their site (, but not yet listed the 1oz coins.

Oh, wow. Thanks. I didn't think to check yet. They always have the hard to find colored coins too. I've ordered from them before. Prices are good, but shipping offsets their decent prices.

Anyone have an idea if they will release a 1oz silver proof coloured monkey?

I'm trying to make a set but only 2012 - 2015 have coloured proofs so far so I will just get the earlier ones in proof only but I would love it if I could get coloured proofs for the rest of them.

Many thanks to any responses.

I am really liking those designs as well! Thanks for sharing.

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