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Treasures of Oz 'Tokelau' & Other 2016 Lunar Monkey Gold & Silver Coins (Year of the Monkey)

The Tokelau Lunar Series by Treasures of Oz started several years ago with the lunar snake.
You can read about the previous years releases here:
Treasures of Oz has the new years coins (2016 Lunar Monkey) listed for pre-order on their website and looks to have expanded the range from previous years offerings. See some of those available pictured below or visit their site for more information and to place a pre-order.
Their description for the coins covers the various releases:
An ancient Chinese proverb says “Even a tiger cannot beat a crowd of monkeys.” Those born in the Year of the Monkey are loyal and devoted to their families and friends.
As social individuals with effusive charm and incredible luck, they love to be the center of attention and are always friendly to people they meet. They thrive with a tight-knit family and a close circle of friends. With their sharp wits and minds, and the ability to be excellent listeners, they easily attract a large following.
Once they make a lifelong commitment, they are faithful companions, and make excellent teachers and parents.
MONKEY FAMILY - Continuing the popular series
Tokelau’s Monkey Family coins beautifully capture these qualities of parenting and teaching with the mother and her young son. The design has been beautifully rendered by designer Alexander Vorodeyev, creator of the Lunar Family series issued by Treasures of Oz since 2012. The Monkey Family coins will be available in a variety of finishes with releases commencing mid July 2015.
Introducing a 1/2oz silver coin to the Lunar program for the first time, Tokelau has issued a delightful design featuring a troop of playful monkeys, excitedly exploring a bamboo grove, the design invokes the sense of freedom and the enjoyment of life so common to those born in the Year of the Monkey.
Mischievous and lighthearted, individuals born during this year are often the masters of practical jokes – but they are always well-intentioned. They perpetually crave fun activities and mental stimulation, and they truly know how to have a good time! Just as the monkeys on this coin enjoy a playful climb through the forest of bamboo, so does the Year of the Monkey bring a cheerful new outlook on life.
The intelligence and inquisitive nature of monkeys is highlighted on this large format 1oz silver coin.  At an astounding 65mm in diameter, yet containing just 1oz pure silver, this coin is an excellent example of the Minter’s art.  The coin is created in proof condition, with an intriguing mirror image finish – one side with the monkey in sculpted proof with a highly polished proof table, the other side with a frosted table and polished monkey.  Minted by the Mint of Norway, with a tiny mintage, this Tokelau coin is definitely one to add to any lunar coin collection.
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