Monday, October 5, 2015

More on Perth Mint 2016 Lunar Monkey Coin Releases - Proof & Bullion

Tomorrow morning will see the release of some additional proof Perth Mint lunar coin releases...

These sets aren't likely to sell out immediately given muted demand for the plain silver proof coins, most of which are still available (the three-coin set appears to be unavailable on the Perth Mint website).

Today also saw the official release of the Australian Lunar Monkey bullion coins:

So dealers have started listing the coins on their websites, including the highly sought after and mintage limited 1oz bullion coins (300,000 Silver, 30,000 Gold).

I will be trying to keep track of the 1oz silver coin prices in this thread on Silver Stackers (but if come across any bargains I will likely cross post in a new article here):

So far it seems dealers will be chasing $13+ premiums. As I have said in the past (and continue repeating), if these are an investment don't pay too much. I will be keeping an eye out for any reasonable premiums ($6-8 over spot price per coin), but if not achieved then am not likely to buy a substantial number this year. You can't blame businesses for looking to take some extra profit on these coins given the high demand and often low margin businesses they run, but as an investor it doesn't make sense to overpay.

If you spot any good prices on the 1oz bullion coin releases then feel free to drop them in the comments below. I expect Perth Mint will have some available through their bullion site and via phone orders later this morning, but may have some limits on the number investors can buy: Perth Mint Bullion.

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Bullion Baron.
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