2014 Perth Mint Lunar Horse Coins and Royal Australian Mint Tetra-decagon Lunar Coin

Gold and Silver Perth Mint Lunar Year of the Horse Series Coins (LHS, Centre). Royal Australian Mint Tetra-decagon Lunar Coin (RHS).

2012 Silver Lunar Dragon Designs From Around The World.

New Zealand Mint Proof Silver Lunar Dragon Gilded Coin (Left). Perth Mint Silver Lunar Dragon Coin (Middle). Royal Canadian Mint Lotus Silver Dragon Proof (Right).

Series 1 Lunar Coins

Series 1 Chinese Gold Lunar Coins (left). Series 1 Perth Mint Silver Lunar Coins (Right).

Chinese Silver Lunar Rabbits 2011

A selection of Chinese Silver Lunar Rabbits, Round, Coloured and Plum Blossom.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

2019 Royal Australian Mint Lunar Pig

The Royal Australian Mint has recently released their 2019 Lunar Pig Coins. On the their website  they say 'freshly minted designs', and what a fresh design it is. It may be considered one of the best designed lunar pig coins.

The pig design is the last of the twelve year lunar cycle. The next time we will see the lunar pig again will be in 2031.
The design shows a happy and optimistic pig with a Chinese coin behind it, which is surrounded auspicious symbols created by the mint. The Chinese coin represents luck and wealth.

The released coins come in both gold and silver, three in total with limited mintages and a proof finish. The silver coins comes in the availability of 1oz and 1kg whilst the gold coin is available in 1/4oz.

2019 1kg Silver Proof Lunar Pig

$30 99.9% Ag99.95mm1kgProof100

2019 1oz Silver Proof Lunar Pig

$5 99.9% Ag40mm10zProof3,500

2019 1/4oz Gold Proof Lunar Pig

$25 99.9% Au21.69mm1/4ozProof1,000

The reverse design of all the coins are the same which is the effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II created by Ian Rank-Broadley.

Each coin type is presented in different holders with certificates of authority with the 1kg silver proof coin being the only coin that is presented in a wooden grain style presentation box, whilst the 1oz silver proof  and 1/4oz gold coins are presented in elegant minimalistic presentation boxes.

For more information about these coins and more by the Royal Australian Mint please visit their website

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