Thursday, December 6, 2018

2019 ABC Bullion Lunar Pig

Only a few days ago ABC Bullion released their 2019 lunar pig range. The pig is the last of a twelve year lunar cycle. The lunar pig is just the third in their lunar series with the dog and rooster previously, however they did not disappoint.

The design depicts a stout mother pig with her three playful piglets nearby, surrounded by hydrangea and daisy flowers.

Whilst most mints have varying sizes of coins in both gold and silver, the ABC Bullion has produced these coins in one troy oz weight in both the gold and silver range.

2019 1oz Gold Lunar Pig

99.99% Au32.6mm1.93mm1oz

2019 1oz Silver Lunar Pig

99.95% Ag39mm2.48mm1oz

The reverse design has probably one of ABC Bullion's most notorious products, the 1oz gold cast bar. This sits at the centre with a linear back drop with the weight, purity, metal type underneath and ABC Bullion overhead.

All the metal used in ABC Bullion lunar products are wholly sourced in Australia and the gold lunars are individually sealed and serialised in protective packaging.

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Silver Lunar.


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