Thursday, January 30, 2020

Alternatives to precious metals

Having a good spread of investments so that a couple of “duds” can be offset by better performance from the majority.
Many small investors have achieved this diversification through options like managed funds, listed real estate investment trusts, property syndicates and ETFs; where smaller investors pool their funds and professional investment experts manage a portfolio of shares or property.

These types of options have been around for decades and are a terrific way for average investors to get the benefit of diversification and expert management … for a fee.
More recently there has been a spate of new “fractional investment” opportunities being offered, targeting the property industry. The rationale behind them can be pretty compelling … a low cost entry onto the property merry-go-round. - david koch

Affordable properties market

If you where looking for a low entry, cost effective way to get into the property market look no further than Brickx, offering houses and apartments in always in demand suburbs at an affordable price for them many. Brickx has recently lowered their transaction fee to 0.5% per transaction.

Low fee money market.

On this one you could be earning on average 7.8% p.a return. This is Ratesetter, This one is one of the highest paying investments you could find. On par with the stock market. But at the time of writing 700% better than a term deposit with any australian banking system. This is essentially cutting out the bank and investing in mbs (mortgage backed securities) on your you don't know what an mbs is I suggest you watch "the big short".

Other assets
That comes a time when your looking for something different in the assets class you have precious metals, whiskey and rolexes. Although you could buy most of them from jewellers and bottle'os.
You can also find them online.

These all have one thing in common. They never perish and they're always worth more money when you go to sell them. A 21 year old bundie rum, bottled in 1996 sold for $7,500 in 2018. Now figure this you bought it for $75 in 1996 that's a whopping profit of 9900% or 230% per year of its life. Now the only thing left to do is keep it in a bottle for 22 years..

Now your stash is looking like a man cave picture. Add in some diamonds to keep the missus happy and your all set to give it all up when you want to retire. For a nice profit mind you.

 Or alternatively you could just party with cups of gold embezzled with diamonds filled with 60 year old bundie rum. And live off your money markets and properties, But hay it's all yours once your touching it.

Check them out to find some more stuff to add to your hoard


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