Friday, January 24, 2020

answering your questions #JAN2020

So I recently had a reader email me with the following question

 "dear silver lunar I want to have lots of gold and silver bullion incase of an emergency (You know what they are). But my missus doesnt like me having too much of either maybe about an oz of gold at any given time. And about 5oz of silver. I was wondering whether you had any tios to help me buy more of both. Kind regards enthusiastic reader"

Well from me at silver lunar I would say to you is suck it up And listen to her.

But from me as an avid collector of silver and gold i Would say go online here and buy some beauty products with your order of gold or silver. So when the parcel gets opened in front of your missus or mister, you can give them something with your order. 

This works both ways you like makeup and your partner likes gold and silver. Buy yourself a whole range of makeup and them a few coins. Reverse it and you like gold and silver buy yourself some gold and silver and your partner some makeup. 

I'm not saying this is a surefire way to dodge the gauntlet but it definitely eases the blows considerably.

Heres The link again. Have a great day. To all our readers. In the dog house or not 


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