Thursday, January 23, 2020

backyard tricks to calibrate your scales

I was in a quite a bit of bother the other day. If you can believe it my scales where telling me my 2oz silver rabbit was 69.97 grams. I immediately thought it must be fake. So I double checked everything about the coin. But alas nothing was different in the stock photos, and the magnet test was all good. 

I then went to the tap test. It sounded good. So I was a bit at a loss at this moment. Then I thought about calibrating my scales. Mind you after about three hours of head scratching. So I went to track down my check weights. But typically nothing showed up.

So I put my mind to it and thought about what could equal 100g. Immediately it was 100ml of water With our the vessel but that was too hairbrained. So I thought what could be the same weight to add up to 100g.

 Then it came to me. MY coins where all equal weight, size and density. That's it. So I googled all the different weights and added them together but nothing from either; the pre decimal circulation or the decimal circulation gelled. 

But it was a combination of both that worked. It ended up being;

20 x australian three pence coins at 1.4g ea And, 

8 x australian 1 dollar coins at 9g ea.

I was just lucky enough to own lost of circulated coins. 
This adds up to a grand total of 100g With a plausible error of 0.1g

Now I'm not saying throw away your check weights. What I'm saying is use it in an emergency. 

I hope this helps. 


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