2014 Perth Mint Lunar Horse Coins and Royal Australian Mint Tetra-decagon Lunar Coin

Gold and Silver Perth Mint Lunar Year of the Horse Series Coins (LHS, Centre). Royal Australian Mint Tetra-decagon Lunar Coin (RHS).

2012 Silver Lunar Dragon Designs From Around The World.

New Zealand Mint Proof Silver Lunar Dragon Gilded Coin (Left). Perth Mint Silver Lunar Dragon Coin (Middle). Royal Canadian Mint Lotus Silver Dragon Proof (Right).

Series 1 Lunar Coins

Series 1 Chinese Gold Lunar Coins (left). Series 1 Perth Mint Silver Lunar Coins (Right).

Chinese Silver Lunar Rabbits 2011

A selection of Chinese Silver Lunar Rabbits, Round, Coloured and Plum Blossom.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Latest releases from Perth mint

 Starring Michael J. fox, Back to the Future follows the adventures of high school student Marty McFly as he travels 30 years back in time to 1955, putting his own existence in jeopardy.  The most successful film of 1985, BTTF still captures the imaginations of audiences today. 

Iconic Reverse Design

Featuring the letters ‘OUTATIME’ in colour, this 10z silver coin’s reverse design replicates the iconic California license plate from Doc Brown’s time travelling DeLorean sports car.

Themed packaging and numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, the display case shows the rear of the DeLorean, with the coin cleverly positioned in the place of the license plate.  

To celebrate the much anticipated release of the officially licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens coin collection, The Perth Mint is delighted to release the silver coin Rey from the 2015 film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rey hails from a desert planet called Jakku and lives in a ship graveyard. She is a self-sufficient and solitary survivor, toughened from a lifetime of dealing with the cutthroats of the desert.

Star Wars Design

The reverse of the coin features a coloured image and a black and white image of Rey.

Niue Legal Tender

Issued by New Zealand Mint as legal tender under the Pacific island of Niue, the obverse of each coin features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the monetary denomination, and the 2016 year-date.

Limited Mintage

No more than 10,000 of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Rey 2016 1oz Silver Coin will be released.

Prestigious Presentation Packaging and Numbered Certificates

Each coin is presented in a high-quality, new slimline perspex coin case and Star Wars-themed outer coin packaging. The packaging makes these an ideal gift for any Star Wars  or sci-fi fan. The individual Certificates of Authenticity sit within each coin case.

Now 30 years old and as strong as ever, the Australian Kookaburra is an iconic coin series featuring annual designs of one of Australia’s most recognisable birds. Famed for its raucous laughing call, the kookaburra is heard across Australia – from the outback to the back yard.

Kookaburra Design with Privy Mark

The coin’s reverse portrays a kookaburra on a corrugated roof top with stylised rays of sunlight in the background. Included in the design is a privy mark depicting Waratah, a large, native shrub with impressive crimson flowerheads that was proclaimed the state floral emblem of New South Wales in 1962. The reverse also bears the inscription AUSTRALIAN KOOKABURRA 30TH ANNIVERSARY and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

ANDA Money Expo Presentation Card

This coin show special is housed in an illustrated card displaying the words SYDNEY MONEY EXPO ANDA SPECIAL and the logo of the Australasian Numismatic Dealer’s Association.

The roots of astrology lie in the idea that an individual’s character and fate is somehow linked to the arrangement of the stars, Sun and Moon at the time of their birth. The ancient Babylonians identified 12 different patterns of stars through which the Sun appeared to travel. Later, respected Greek astronomer Ptolemy codified many astrological concepts, attributing a name derived from Greek or Roman mythology to each constellation in the ‘zodiac’ (meaning circle of little animals). A horoscope interprets a chart of the heavens at a precise point in time – such as someone’s birthdate - to explain aspects of their personality and predict future events.

Stunning Artistry Design

The coin’s reverse portrays original artistry of each zodiac sign in colour: Aries the ram; Taurus the bull; Gemini the twins; Cancer the crab; Leo the lion; Virgo the maiden; Libra the scales; Scorpio the scorpion; Sagittarius the centaur; Capricorn the goat; Aquarius the water bearer; and Pisces the fish.
Each figure is enclosed within sinuous patterns suggestive of the art nouveau style. These and other antiqued elements on the reverse are inscribed with the name of each star sign and its pictogram. At the heart of the design is a stylised motif representing the Sun, the Moon and stars.

Classic Display Package

Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this stunning coin is housed in a classic display case within a stylishly illustrated shipper.