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At SilverLunar.com, we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you visit SilverLunar.com. We never sell your personal information to third parties. 

Log Files: As is the case with most websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files. The information in the log files include your IP address, ISP, the browser used to visit our site, the time you visited our site and which pages you visited throughout our site. Read more about log files on Wikipedia.

Cookies: We use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when you visit our site. You can choose to disable or selectively turn off our cookies or third-party cookies in your browser settings, or by managing preferences in programs such as Norton Internet Security. However, this can affect how you are able to interact with our site as well as other websites. This could include the inability to login to services or programs, such as logging into forums or accounts. Read more about cookies on Wikipedia.

Email List: When signing up to the SilverLunar.com mailing list you can rest assured that your details will not be sold to third parties. 

Advertising & Affiliate Links

We may use third party advertisements on SilverLunar.com to support our site. Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies when they advertise on our site, which will also send these advertisers (such as Google through the Google AdSense program) information including your IP address, your ISP & the browser you used to visit our site.

In the spirit of transparency and honesty I want to share that some of the links within this site (including those in blog posts) are affiliate links. This means that if you follow a link (for example to Perth Mint or Bullion Money) and purchase something then I may be financially rewarded. This incentivises me to continue posting and adding information to the site to benefit the readers.

Regardless of the links you can be assured that my opinion is not tainted by the potential for sales and if I think a coin will be a winner or dud I will say as much in my posts without hesitation.

Not Financial Advice 

The content on this blog is the opinion of the author only and should not be taken as investment/financial advice. No site content should be construed as a recommendation. Any action that you take as a result of information, analysis or advertisement on this site is your responsibility. 

If you have any concerns or questions about the above information please don’t hesitate to contact us using the Contact page.